My Chanel Bag Family - officially on a ban now!


Keep or Return the White Baby Cabas?

  1. Keep it

  2. Lose it

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  1. I'm finally ready to declare myself free from anymore Chanel longings (well, at least until something absolutely TDF comes around!) Here's a pic of all my Chanel bags (I have other accessories that I'll post a pic in the future).


    I tried to grab everything I wanted before the price increase and the past month added:

    - Dark Silver 226 Reissue
    - White Baby Cabas (at old $1795 price)
    - Dark White Jumbo with Bijoux Chain

    The other bags I have in the pic are the large ultimate soft,
    beige/black cambon bowler, black caviar large kelly (i also have a clutch, not pictured here). I'm returning a beige GST, the shape and color just wasn't right for me, but it looks so good on so many TPF'ers I had to give it a try.

    The only bag I'm a little bit on the fence about is the baby cabas. I've always loved it, and couldn't resist after hearing some were available at the old price, but do feel a bit too indulgent after adding the Reissue and Jumbo. Now the whole discussion about loose threading has me worried. Any thoughts? TIA!
  2. I feel the baby cabas is more of a trendy type bag. It's really nice, but I don't see it as a classic. I would return that one.
  3. lovely collection! i love the baby cabas, but i don't know about white bags.....just my opinion
  4. I love your collection. I think you should keep your baby cabas. Your bags are so beautiful and classic, the baby just adds some fun to the beautiful mix.
  5. Great collection, I too am not into white bags!
  6. What a lovely Chanel family! If you like soft, slouchy bags, and aren't afraid of white, then I would say keep it. Or else, return it.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  7. Keep it. It's a great everyday bag.
  8. You have the perfect collection! If you can afford the white... keep it!
  9. I think it goes into your collection perfectly! The jumbo flap and the baby cabas are so different, I see the baby cabas as more of a casual bag so it's definitely justifiable!
  10. Keep it :yes:
  11. Definitely keep it. I love white bags if done well and this is a cute one.
  12. I'm undecided about it...
  13. It's beautiful! Keep it and use it everyday! I've been drooling for that bag and I didn't know they were still available to buy. You'll regret it if you return it. It balances out the rest of your awesome collection.

    May I ask...where and when did you purchase the Baby Cabas?
  14. Call Bergdorf Goodman, I think they still have a few! Ask for Juan 212-753-7300.

  15. Great Haul! and as for the white baby cabas. if you really love it. keep it! you wont regret it:smile:
    And congrats on all you new purchases.