My Chanel Bag Collection

  1. I finally got my DH :heart: to help me shrink & e-mail pics. This may have been a mistake because because he was like "how many bags do you have??" :yes: I told him that I wanted to post my bags on TPF where people just share pics of their bags. He couldn't believe that there are others as bag-obsessed as me and just laughed.
    To my partners in crime, here is my collection...
  2. Beautiful collection, breathtaking. You have how many, 14 bags and a wallet...? Wow, I only have 4 chanel bags and my husband thinks thats too many. Congrats!
  3. Very nice collection! Thanks for sharing with us.
  4. Wow, that is a great collection you have, you're so lucky!
    Can someone please get me a towel, the drooling doesn't stop :drool:
  5. great post! thanks for sharing! partners in crime INDEED!
  6. WOW!!! Your collection is beautiful!!!

    All you need to do is find a picture of a collection with more bags than you have, and show your husband how FEW you really have! (This may be a challenge!)
  7. Nice !!!
  8. What a great collection. Thanks for posting!
  9. You have a stunning collection! Thanks for sharing!!!
  10. Great collection!! Wow! Which one is your favorite?
  11. You have a beautiful collection. I just ordered that GST tote in beige with gold hardware.
  12. Beautiful!!!!
  13. :nuts: Beautiful collection!!! I :heart: everything~
  14. G-O-R-G-E-U-O-S!! Great collection!:yes: :yes:
  15. Beautiful Collection! :love:

    How about we start a thread where we can all post pics of our ENTIRE collection. That way they will all be in one thread. I know there is a place for that (Your Bag Showcase), but it'd be nice to have it in the Chanel subforum.