My Chanel Babies Are Here!

  1. After waiting all day, my Waikiki order finally arrived!

    Just wanted to share.. cause really.. who else would appreciate such fabulous pieces??;)


    The pink wallet will be easy to find in your bag!

    Love the pink!
  3. so pretty. i got the beige/black bowler. thinking about this pink tote too. ahhhhh.
  4. so gorgeous!! ;)
  5. Very beautiful. I'm turning into a green eyed monster :sick:
  6. Love that pink color on the bag & wallet. Is the bag medium size?
  7. Gorgeous!!! Enjoy them!
  8. nice:smile:
  9. So pretty, and perfect for summer.:love:
  10. awesome!! it is so exciting when you first receive your bag!!!
  11. Oh wow!! I am so happy for you!! Love the pink and black combo!!
  12. awww it's soooo cute!!! congrats!! wow i can't stop looking at it!!! O_O
  13. I like - ENJOY and thanks for sharing:biggrin:
  14. pretty! I want one now =)
  15. Beautiful!
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