My Chanel and Me

  1. I took the dive and got the Chanel classic flap in caviar. Sorry I went a little crazy with the pics but she is just so beautiful!!
  2. Gorgeous!
    Also, I just love your button sleeves.
  3. wow it looks amazing on you!!
  4. Congrats. Your dress is adorable.
  5. STUNNING!!!:love:
  6. Just FABULOUS!!!:biggrin:
  7. wow! that looks amazing on you! i want pink caviar 255 so SO bad but i can't find one!! it looks like the perfect size too! is that the medium? i'll have to wander into the chanel boutique tomorrow! thanks for sharing!
  8. Cuuuuuuuuuuute :biggrin:
  9. Beautiful!
  10. gorgeous!
  11. super
  12. wow! totally beautiful! congrats on your new CHANEL!!! totally beautiful! just BEAUTIFUL!!! i'm almost speechless! BEAUTIFUL!
  13. very beautiful:heart:
  14. Great pictures!
  15. Your bag looks really great on you! Congrats!