my chanel and i got puked on at staples :(

  1. i went to staples to pick up some envelopes to mail our save-the-date magnets for our wedding. i was walking towards the front of the store to ring up the envelopes, and at the same moment i walked by, a girl and her mom walked out from an aisle.....and she puked less than 12 inches away from me. her throw up splattered all over my chanel purse and burberry jacket. i was too shocked to respond, and kept walking several aisles, then ducked into one, and took off my jacket and looked at my purse. there was bright orange bits of puke all over my lovely purse. :cursing: i stood there for several moments just shocked. i asked an employee where the bathroom was, and then walked towards i was about to open the door, the same girl and her mom walked out. i thought she was sick, thats why she threw up.....but she SKIPPED out of the bathroom HUMMING. as they left, i said, "you got some of it on my purse and jacket" and they both looked at me without saying a word. no apologies. i started to clean up, wiping away the nasty chunks, then when i left i nearly WALKED ON HER PUKE! she threw up AGAIN, in a different part of the store. i realized that the mother didnt tell ANYONE so when i walked towards the front of the store to ring up my envelopes, i told the manager that a customer threw up in two sections of the store. he said, "where?" just as an employee came by to tell him the same thing.

    i dont understand that mother one bit!!!!! she just left the store quietly without informing anyone of the mess they left behind.....anyone could just walk into it like i almost did the second time outside the bathroom.

    does anyone have any suggestions for cleaning? thankfully its caviar leather. i put soap on it when i was at staples....when i came home i showered and then used antibacterial wet ones and wiped it down, but i still dont feel like its clean enough. i left my jacket in the car....dont want to deal with it yet.
  2. YIKES!!!

    Sorry that happened to you...luckily it was caviar!
  3. eeew. so sorry that happened to you and the chanel.
  4. euwwww!!!!now im the one that want to puke!:throwup:

    jkjk...hehe...that's just so gross!!!!!
    and they dont even say sorry!!!!wtf!:wtf:

    im so sorry for u....
    since it's caviar, i think it's easy to put away the dirt. however, i feel u for always feel that it's dirty....
  5. so sorry to hear that..!! The mother and the daughter is too rude!! You are such a nice person! If I were you i will be realli pissed..! I would take the burberry coat to dry cleaning and I would use baby wipe and Lysol wipe to clean it!!
  6. thanks guys :sad: i am pissed....but i didnt say much to them because i thought she was sick (until she skipped out the bathroom...?!). really angry though, in the silently fuming way.

    can i use the lysol can spray, and then wipe it down? is that too harsh for the leather? will dry cleaning really....clean, the jacket?
  7. She couldn't even say sorry!? Ugh, that is sooo RUDE! :cursing:
  8. YUCK!! OK, so a child puked, but not even to say sorry? I hope you get your bag cleaned...
  9. I feel so bad for you. I would say wipe it with antibacterial wipes. I really don't know what else you can do. Hopefully, it won't ruin the leather since they do have some chemicals. That is really horrible that they weren't even apologetic or considerate in any way.
  10. i am sorry that this happened to you. your incident just seem to be a really bad joke. so the mother and the daughter left the mess without saying anything? this is a totally impolite and inappropriate behavior.
    hope you can clean your trench and the bag.
  11. *De-lurking* to say Sorry! That was not nice! I can empathise - wasn't my chanel but my lv petit noe which caught ALL of dd's puke years ago on a flight - darn thing makes a great bucket.
    It took alot of cleaning with gentle soap - I think I used like baby shampoo and warm water - esp for the suede lining, dabbed dry and air dried with bounce sheets inside. You want to remove the stench not mask it.
    Wipes or lysol may be too harsh on the leather so be careful to clean it off well. Leave a bounce sheet in it to air out after.And I'd send the coat to the cleaners asap - letting them know the problem and having them deal with it! Good luck!
  12. WTF!!?? I would be so pissed off! She didn't even say sorry??? I would of put her in a choke hold!
  13. Sorry I forgot to tell you that I am sorry this happened to you...i feel so bad.
  14. That's HORRIBLE!!
    I'm so sorry that happened to you :sad:
  15. That's disgusting. If someone puked on one of my Chanels I would be livid. I can't believe that mother just walked out of there and didn't say anything. I mean, it's common courtesy to let someone know so they don't walk over someone's puke, but then again there are ALOT of people out there with absolutely no class at all. So sorry that this happened to you! :cursing: Try purell wipes to disinfect your tainted purse and then baby wipes to clean whatever is left behind.