My Chanel agenda with khaki coco cabas~

  1. :party:

    :yahoo: Yeah~ My Chanel agenda with my khaki coco cabas & sunglasses...
    DSC01915.JPG DSC01922.JPG DSC01926.JPG DSC01992.JPG
  2. Gorgeous! Congrats! =)
  3. That is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats! The agenda, and the bag stunning! BEAUTIFUL!
  4. congrats awesome pickups
  5. Congrats!! Gorgeous .. gorgeous.. gorgeous!!:party:
  6. Great haul!!


  7. You must have a MAC. We have some scary pictures on ours after playing with photo booth.

  8. Congrats I love them both !!!
  9. wow very nice purchases! love the coco cabas!
  10. :cutesy: Thanks everyone~

    I really love my agenda, I brought it yesterday and is so lovely :heart:

    :p Here's another pic of my khaki baby cabas :p
  11. Nice Chanel family you've got there!
  12. They're beautiful. Congrats
  13. congrats! love your agenda!
  14. hahaha congrats!!! we can slowly form a chanel agenda family hehehe
  15. Oh congratulations, they are all so beautiful! I just love the coco!