My Chanel Accessories

  1. :yes: I rarely posted photo and I am very enjoy watching you guys posted photo. Here is mine :p

    PS: Sorry for broken English
  2. You have so many great things!
  3. Thank you jayne :p
  4. WOW, very nice. I wanted the eiffel tower and pearl necklace myself!
  5. OMG Vicky!!!!!:nuts: :nuts:

    I love everything you have in this photo!!!! What a great have great taste for cute things!!!! :yes:

    I love the perfume bottle earrings, and the mirror and makeup pins..........I am sooooo jealous!!!!! (in a good way!!!):heart:
  6. Wow, everything is gorgeous!
  7. pretty!
  8. you have so many cute accessories!!
  9. Vicky, what a fun and pretty collection you have!
  10. WOW! Vicky, your collection is Amazing! I love every single piece you have, thank you sooo much for sharing the collection!
  11. I can tell by your great assortment of accessories that you are a fun person. Nice array of items.
  12. Wow!! Just beautiful!!
  13. :yahoo:
  14. Vicky, AMAZING accessory collection!! Werent you the one who posted those two Chanel cuffs too? they're missing from your beautiful collection!!

    I cant pick any one piece as my favorite because I am seriously in love with all of them. great taste!!
  15. Wow....You can remember my 2 cuffs ;)
    Thanks a lot for your comments!