My Chanel 5120 Sunnies Arrived!!

  1. After hunting them down they've finally arrived!!

  2. Congrats - you look cool with your new sunglasses
  3. yay! Fabulous sunglasses! I remember you were lusting for them a little while ago. Glad to hear that you finally got your hands on a pair -because they look great!

    Everyone in their cute 5120's is making me :drool: -I think I need a pair too now
  4. Thanks! I love them :heart:
  5. I love them!
  6. They are fabulous, congratulations!!
  7. you look like a model for Chanel in that pic...
  8. Cute Chanel sunnies! Love them!
  9. Oh wow!! What a compliment.....thank you :flowers:
  10. Congrats! You wear them well. Enjoy!
  11. yayayay I have those in the tortiose shell color they are fab!!
  12. Yay! So glad you got them!! They look awesome on you :biggrin:
  13. Very nice congrats!
  14. the pic is not working....can't see!

    Wuld u mind post it again...:smile:
  15. I want to see what the sides look like.