my chanel 2.55 dilemma rose gold or dark silver

  1. I have just received my gorgeous chanel 2.55 in rose gold color, size 226…and it is OMG!! totally TDF!! Color J..however, I am now facing a serious dilemma of either keeping this rose gold or letting it go for the dark silver color in 226 size ( one of my friend want to sell her 226 in dark silver to me)..

    However, my Chanel Jumbo caviar in black color with silver chain is arriving soon (as an anniversary present from my hubby)….So I could only have one metallic in 2.55 model. What do ya guys think? Should I keep my rose gold or should I let it go and get the dark silver instead…the problem is I love love both of the color, but dark silver would be more easy and more practical to use, while the rose gold is such a pretty and unique colour

    Please help me decide !!! bty, I’ve attached my rose gold FYI

  2. I would ditch practical and go for unusual, as its totally funky and so sexy ! Rose gold is awsome! Wish they did it in the classic flap! Would get it for sure.
  3. I would not give up my Rose GOld for the world.
    Dark silver is nice but Rose gold is such a rarity. (At least here in Australia)
  4. ROSE GOLD hands down!!! it's such a coveted bag! it's rare and beautiful!:yes:
  5. Another vote for rose gold! :tup:
  6. thanks guy for ur opinion :smile:..seem like everyone is leaning towards the rose gold colour :smile:.....maybe i'll stick to my rose gold
  7. L O V E T H E R O S E G O L D ! ! !

    Merry Christmas!
  8. Listen to your mother. Okay, I'm not your mother, but if I were I would say to keep that bag. It's special and unique. I have never seen anything like it. I adore anything rose Mama says: "do not exchange something that special and unique."
    --Judy, a/k/a Mark's Mom
  9. keep the rose gold! dark silver (to me anyways) is similar enough to black! you need some diversity!
  10. OMG the rose gold is sooo beautiful...Keep it
  11. keep the Rose gold of course!;)
  12. :smile:
  13. thanks guy!! U are right, its so pretty and so special .....what were I thinking ??? Finally, my final decision,the rose gold will stay with me ...hooray!!!
  14. smart decision!! The rose gold is beautiful!
  15. Rose gold definitely!!!