My Chamois Large Edith is here.....

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  1. :biggrin: It is raining today and I rushed to home cause I know I will get my edith today both in Whiskey and Chamois in large size. But the Whiskey one is rescheduled for tomorrow.:Push:UPS sucks! Fedex guy delivered my Chamois. Here it is. The first two pics are with flash and I wear it over shoulder or over arm, the last one is on my chair without flash. It is very wrinkle and that is the way how I love it. Also I think large size is perfect size for me cause it doesn't look big on me even though I am only 5'3"....:lol:
    chloe_chamois1.JPG chloe_chamois3.JPG chloe_chamois2.JPG
  2. Beautiful bag - great color choice!!
  3. :love: LOVE!:love: Gads, I must have this color!! The leather is TDF!
  4. Dang girl, that's one biiiiiig beautiful bag! It's soooo big it looks a little Alice-in-Wonderland-ish without seeing more of YOU in the pic - but I bet it's fabulous IRL! The leather looks wonderful too. Can't wait to see mucho-grande-whiskey!
  5. It's absolutely lovely! Congrats!!!! Every time I see someone's chamois I can't help but love it!:love: :love: :love:
  6. Thanks, Are you going to keep both chamois and whiskey? I am anxious about the coming Whiskey cause I am afraid I will fall in love with it as well. Then I have to keep both?

    p.S Love your screen name chucky's mom...hehe////cute...:idea:
  7. Yes, if you are in love you must keep both! At least a few months then release them back into the Marketplace bag-food-chain ;)

    Sssshhh, don't tell Chucky, but fingers are crossed that the whiskey-return that popped up on NM this afternoon will be steaming its way by end of week, and that it might be more wrinkly! If I'm in love I'll follow my own advice.

    Chucky's Mom has got it Going On!! (that diddy keeps running thru my head now, darn it!)
  8. Great color! :love: I love the chamois, it's unique.
  9. Ooh, I love it! I think yours has the perfect leather everyone is so wanting!
  10. Still love the large chamois in theory! Congrats!
  11. Gorgeous, ENJOY!:nuts:
  12. Congrats! Love the color.
  13. That's a great looking bag! It looks like it fits comfortably over the shoulder too...
  14. I love it so very very very much! Beautiful bag and it looks great on you. I'm even starting to prefer the large now. I hate myself!

  15. The leather looks great! That is a BIG bag!