My chamois edith!!!!

  1. This happened so fast!! I went to Saks just to see if my SA could order one for me. Well- she had one in the back that another SA had on hold. She made a phone call to the other SA who was at lunch and he gave her the go ahead to sell it to me! I'm so excited! I love this bag!! I had returned a whiskey last week because I just wasn't in love. As it turns out I've loved edith all along- I just had to find the right color for me!
    Picture 244.jpg Picture 245.jpg Picture 246.jpg
  2. Nice!!
  3. Congrats.....Edith now is really heating up....
  4. YEAH! ANOTHER CHAMMY OWNER...Welcome to the club!!!I love mine and use it alot...
  5. beautiful! i hope you will take pics of her in a few month so we can see how she has aged. I bet she will be even more beautiful!
  6. Thanks everyone! I had to take the pic of her lying on the ground. I couldn't get her to stand up-she kept wanting to bend in the middle and take a bow!:lol:
  7. Congrats PGN! She is lovely! The ones that "don't stand up" are great, too! Nice and slouchy. I agree with whoever said (yesterday) that these bags will be hitting their prime in about ten years...when the leather is all softened up and they are completely malleable. Happy that you found yours!
  8. Congrats! I love them better when they're slouchy -- gives it that more of an oomph :smile:
  9. Oooooh, that is beautiful! Glad you found your perfect Edith!
  10. Absolutely beautiful!
  11. I love how diverse Edith is in texture and slouchiness. It might make it hard to find the perfect Edith for each person, but it is a testament to the quality. Love your Chamois - wear it well!!
  12. I do hope you are going to show us some Edith "outfits" in the near future! Roey, that is whiskey is not nearly as pebbled as my chamois, but they are both unique and special.
  13. Congrats...she is lovely!!!!!
  14. very nice!!!
  15. congrats! the distressing in the leather looks lovely!