my "chained up" speedy 35!!!

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  1. For christmas the (now ex) boyfriend purchased me a bit vintage Speedy 35. I am a guy, so I thought the 40 might work better..but with no local LV, I had no way of really knowing.
    Regardless, I was at TJ Maxx yesterday and came across an Ed Hardy belt that had a detachable chain. I mentioned to my best friend that I always wanted a chain. Immediately I thought it would look cool on my speedy! IT WAS PERFECT. The metals are the EXACT same color, the chain has a vintage feel to it as well.

    The belt was $50 and I'll never wear it, but a lock and key would be $50 from Vuitton so I said what the hell, hehe!

    HERE IT IS (bad quality photobooth pic)
    Photo 250.jpg
  2. Nice patina and good job matching the metals. It does look cool. :tup:
  3. very cool!!!!
  4. Looks really nice. Congrats on the bag and adorable boyfriend :smile:
  5. haha, the boyfriend is out of my life now. but I gave him the ring back, but I might as well keep the bag, right?! haha :yahoo:
  6. if it was a present, i'd say you're free to keep it ;)
  7. it's cool :P
  8. It looks really cute!!!
  9. haha, wait til you get your xmas gift and then break do the same thing:smile:
  10. Yummy patina! Congrats!
  11. we just get along great, dont we? haha. great minds think alike :idea:
  12. Looks great! Congrats!