My cerises family, featuring my new bucket! :D

  1. Finally, I have all the cerises pieces I wanted! Btw, thanks to those who helped authenticate my new bucket. It's so cute seeing them all together, I'm so happy! :yahoo: Pictured: Speedy 25, bucket(and its mini pochette!), small agenda, pochette cles, pochette accessoires, and bandana.

    Now to get started on those cherry blossoms...
  2. love it!!
  3. Oh wow!:yahoo: That's one absolutely smoking cerises family! They look so yummilicious! Congratulations! Did it take u very long to get them together?
  4. Pretty! Thanks for sharing.
  5. wow great cerises collection!
  6. Very pretty congrats:flowers:
  7. I was trying to think about that... pretty much since whenever the cerises came out I think. I got the pochette & cles first and everything else little bit little. The speedy was the hardest to find, it felt like none were popping up on eBay when I was looking!
  8. Gorgeous family! congratulations!
  9. sweet :biggrin:
  10. Beautiful family!!! I love the Cerises line!:heart:
  11. Nice cerises collection
  12. Congrats! I totally love your collection..! :love:
  13. Love it! I'm so jealous. My cerises speedy wants a matching cles!
  14. WOW...:heart: it.
  15. I LOVE the bucket!! gorgeous collection!