My Cellphone was stolen

  1. Right off my hip :mad: .............Some kid( teenager ) on a bike rode right up on the side of me , Snapped it off my clip and toke off ........By the time i got in the car( mind u i had the my 2 kids with me , and my two sisters) to go after them , they were gone ... i found a cop @ a gas station and filed a report. I did call to have it shut off and should have a replacement by tuesday, wed the latest. It really sucks my cellphone is one of my lifelines :cry: i have to get all the phone numbers of my cell bills , that is jus the main number i call, but as for the others , that i dont use that often i cant reallly do nothing until they hopefully call me :sad: .......................


    Now i have to start Scratch ........( pictures , videos, ringtones.etc........)

    Just had to vent :rant:
  2. Whoa...that's insane. Criminals these days are getting younger and more brazen. Sorry to hear that you're out of cellphone. That just stinks. I hope they catch the little :cursing: that did it.

  3. It just all happen in a split second , just crazy
  4. OMGosh sorry to hear. I would be out of my mind.

    I hope you have your numbers at home wrote down.

  5. so sorry to hear about it... i hope that the person who stole it gets his/her appropriate punishment...
  6. Oh my god, that is so brazen!! I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. I really hope that karma will catch up with those no good kids.
  7. aww sorry to hear about this
  8. Same here. :wtf: Little sh:censor: ts.
  9. Wow, Im sorry to hear that! That is so crazy! I may asked where you're located at so I can avoid going there? jk
  10. wow that's annoying!
  11. heavensent, i'm really sad to hear this happened to you - how dreadful!!!:sad: :cursing:

    So it's said - 'what goes around comes around':yes: I sure hope so!!

    (((hugs))) for you :flowers:
  12. What people do these days! It's outrageous! Sorry to hear your cellphone was stolen.
  13. I am so sorry that happened to you. It must be hard to start all over again. I would be so upset if mine was stolen. What a stupid punk!
  14. That sucks. Sorry that it happened to you. I believe in karma. They will get theirs.
  15. Sorry to hear that, heavensent.