Tech My Cell Phone, Ipod, USB and keys with Swarovski !!!

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  1. Here are some videos of my blings .


  2. For your it directly on the ipod or a clear case that has the crystals???

    Oh and did you do it yourself or get it done...

    BTW.....I LOVE:heart::heart: all this ***BlInG****

  3. its directly on the ipod.

    and i did it myself !!!

    Thanxxx! :wlae:
  4. Looks Great.
  5. I have a question.. what size stone did you use...?

    I want to do my cell.. but no idea what size to get.
  6. size SS 9 :yes:
  7. thank you.. now i just have to find a place i can get them cheap.

    and how many i need to cover my phone.

  8. which phone is?
  9. .
  10. I die! I love them.
  11. very nice.
  12. wow! what kind of glue do you use?
  13. LOVE IT!!!! please let me know how you did it all so well...
    what glue did you use? and how did you put them on so neat?

    you're amazing!
  14. OMG, I love it!!!!
  15. cool!