My Celine reveal...

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  1. Finally got my hands on a Celine after weeks and weeks of calling Harrods, Harvey Nicks and Selfridges on a daily basis, to get the one I wanted in the right leather and colour. I actually had to dash across town during my lunch break to get it as they would only hold it for me for 45 mins. Canary Wharf to Knightsbridge and back within an hour... It's a miracle I didn't have kittens on the tube from all the anxiety. But it was all worth it for my latest purchase!

    Here comes the Celine reveal!
  2. Here!
  3. The first...
  4. Harrods finally came through with the goods ;) Any guesses as to which model?
  5. Trapeze?? Show us quickk :yahoo::woohoo:
  6. Prettily nestled...
  7. Nope, not a trapeze... ;)
  8. A micro?
  9. Let's see!
  10. Nope not a micro either...

    A little peek??
  11. A nano!
  12. OK - I meant a mini from the look of the handles...
  13. Right the second time round! It's a Mini Souris, in drummed leather... :graucho:
    8105479628_b437fb325d.jpg 8105466921_0ff2bab04c.jpg
  14. Gorgeous! Love the drummed leather :love:
  15. So beautiful! :loveeyes: i really wanted this bag but harrods refused to let be buy it over the phone :pout: my hunt for a mini luggage thus continues..

    Its beautiful, congratulations!