My celebrity items plus inspired pieces

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  1. Ooh think i may try that then, can't hurt- have tried everything else, haha
    I look like a freak right now, i really need to venture out tomorrow as well, OH the shame!!!
    This will be me: :ninja:
  2. Hope it works for you. I left my hair appt & had to go to the beauticians & she was like "Eww what happened to your head?". I was MORTIFIED! It looked like I hadn't washed in months :sick:

    I ran back to my car after my waxing & used the wipes & voila!
  3. Haha, poor you, it seems like a pretty common occurrence though so at least i know that i am not on my own, haha

    I have some citrusy wipes but they are large anti-bacterial ones (i usually use on table or floors) think they will work?
  4. Great thread platinum_girly! You look fab and I love how you've been able to find the exact pieces and pieces that look so close to the original! Definitely post more pics! :woohoo:
  5. Hi Mia so nice to see you here, we seem to rub shoulders on a lot of threads from Rocco to H&M you are a girl after my own heart :biggrin:
  6. Hand sanitizer shouls get it off no problems. Always works for me.
  7. platinum_girly - love this thread, very inspirational!!
  8. Thanks juneping :biggrin:

    I am hoping to have some new pics up by tonight xoxo
  9. Ouchie no I wouldn't use those - they have some serious shiznit in them!
  10. Haha luckily i didn't, i have just been using baby wipes and keep washing ;)

    FYI: I just pulled the trigger on the Cole haan RALEIGH (same as VH) am so excited!!! :nuts:
  11. Love this idea for a thread! Keep the pics coming!

  12. it's about time! :yahoo::woohoo:
  13. I have this bag, you're gonna love it!!!
  14. Ooh have you posted pics? I need a fix until mine arrives :graucho:

    BTW- I just LOVE the Dior wallet in your profile pic, i really need it! ;)
  15. Love your thread! You have so much personality and it shines through the outfits :smile:
    If you still have issues with the hair dye bleeding through, I recommend eye makeup remover- worked like a charm for me ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.