My celebrity items plus inspired pieces

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  1. I tried Shopbop but no luck, I do like the white very much but its WHITE! I don't do well with white bags, the search continues.....Your jacket is identical to the Lipsy one! Oh and you got that Ashley T outfit down to the T, your vintage Chanel is aaaammaaaazzzzziiiiinnngggg!
  2. I only ever saw it at Shopbop, NAP and Revolve, but yeah- i think the black version sold out a while ago...
    Haha yeah the jacket DOES look the same, it is well weird cause i got mine a few years ago now...hmmm
    Thankyou for the compliments, you are too sweet xoxo
  3. Love this thread! You make it so much fun - and you look great!
  4. Great thread! And the best part is, for the most part, I think the inspired by looks are better than the inspiration! I love that you put YOUR own twist on each of the looks!
  5. Looking fabulous!! Nice thread!! :tup::tup::smile:
  6. Cute thread. I love all the inspired looks.
  7. Page 2, post No. 20, Ashley Tisdale-inspired look: Tell me about those T-strap shoes you are wearing!

    Great thread BTW.
  8. A fun thread! You look great
  9. Love your thread girl!!! I still love your first Vanessa look, the dress really suits you!!!
  10. I love this thread! Such cute outfits, post more!
  11. Thanks girls for all of your lovely comments, i will have more mod pics coming soon, i have had a little trouble.... i coloured my roots last night and got the dye all across my forehead so i am hiding out inside my house in my pyjamas until i can get the damn stuff off, haha

    Those shoes i actually bought from E-bay, i had a little look and the only ones that i can see now are the hot pink:

    And thanks for stopping by :hugs:
  12. Platinum, sorry about the colour on your forehead! Same thing happened to me a few months back, it was sooooooooooo bad, I had to leave the house too and felt like everyone was just staring at my face the whole time! haha
  13. Haha it just won' aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
    Called my mum today, she was VERY helpful-
    Me: Can't come round to see you today, dyed my roots last night and got hair dye all down my forehead, it appears to of stained
    Mum: Well you should of put on some petroleum jelly first, it would of washed right off then

    Yeah thanks mum- advice not helpful AFTER the fact, haha
  14. Hahahhaha, While I was colouring my hair I thought that I should put petroleum jelly but never did, I was like rubbing my forehead non stop with lotion, baby oil and everything I could find and nothing was helping!! oh my goodness, it was so bad, even went down the side of my face, my DH said it looked like I had side burns!!!!! I wanted to hide in the house for a week!!!
  15. I had the same thing happen to me after getting my hair coloured at a salon on the weekend. I used some little hand wipes .. Wet Ones - the yellowy packet citrus antibacterial ones (just cos I had them in my bag) & it all came off. Try baby wipes too ;) (My colour is a very dark choc brown!)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.