My celebrity items plus inspired pieces

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  1. That look is spot on! I love it. :smile:
  2. Thanks babe, you changed your avatar :cool:
  3. You're welcome. Lol, yes I did. I can't remember what it was before...?
  4. Selena gomez:
    sads.jpg me=p 007.JPG me=p 008.JPG me=p 009.JPG
  5. ^ Hey! How are you?

    Love how you added a belt to the cardi! So cute!
  6. Your baby bump is just too cute :balloon:
  7. Hey girl, i am good thanks, how have you been? I haven't noticed you around much lately, you need to post in the OOTD thread more often :graucho:

    Awww thanks chick, i am beginning to feel like a bit of a heffa though! :lol:
  8. Ciara:
    redwsqa.jpg Ci 003.JPG Ci 006.JPG
  9. So cute! When your baby is here, you can do "Mommy and Me" celebrity inspired outfits! :smile:
  10. Love this look PG!!! You have the most adorable baby bump EVER!!! :smile:
  11. Love the new looks! Your baby bump is too cute!

    Hope you are feeling good, take care:smile:
  12. I am in love with this thread you started! Looking forward to your next inspired look!!
  13. Lol that would be too funny, but if you saw how i dress my daughter already then you would see how i dress her really girly, she has soooo many pink things, she even had to have an all pink bedroom :lol:

    Awww thanks girl xoxo

    Hi girl, i am doing okay thankyou, how have you been?

    Thankyou so much for your sweet words, i hope you have a great weekend xoxo
  14. Such a cute baby bump!
  15. ^Awww thanks chick xoxo

    38.jpg Ri 003.JPG Ri 006.JPG
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.