my cats in surgery right now.

  1. my cat fluffy just got rushed to the cat hospital and has to get surgery to unblock his bladder. i am so upset. he has to stay 5 days in the hospital. plus its going to be like 2 or 3 thousand dollars ugh there goes louis but hes worth every penny.
  2. Aww I hope he's ok. Is it crystals? My sister's male cat had them, he's fine now
  3. yeah i think so. plus he is fat.
  4. he weighs as much as my pommerian.
  5. One of ours is overweight too, but we just bought a laser torch and she's having loads of fun chasing it so may be a little lighter soon!
    If it is crystals, make sure he gets plenty of wet foods as I believe too much dry food is one of the main causes. Hope he's ok
  6. so sorry to hear that -- thinking of you both and hoping for successful surgery and a quick, uneventful recovery.
  7. Wishing your kitty a speedy recovery!
  8. This must be so hard on you--wishing your kitty an uneventful recovery!
  9. Oh, I hope that he will be fine. My beloved KeeKee had the same problem when he was quite young and with a special diet he lived to be 15. Keeping my fingers crossed for your little guy.
  10. Wishing your little boy a speedy recovery,:heart: my large black persian had this problem he is absolutely fine now. Try not to worry too much.
  11. awww, I am sorry you are going through that! I hope your cat is fine. I wish him a speedy recovery. I know he will be ok.
  12. My thoughts are with you and you cat:smile:
  13. My prayers are with you and your kitty.
  14. My thoughts are with you and your kitty. I hope he has a very speedy recovery.
  15. I hope he recovers well and I hope with the surgery and a special diet he will live a long and healthy life.