My Cat's gone missing and I don't think he'll be coming back...

  1. My cat (I Got him when I was 9, I'm 21 now)
    He was my best friend - I used to tell him everything when I was little - thinking that a cat can never betray you.

    I loved him from the moment he was born (yes I watched him being born)..
    anyway to the point... he want missing on monday and I don't think he'll be coming back - I'm heart broken!!!!!!!
    I miss him so much... My bed is so cold and empty with out him....
  2. I am so sorry about your buddy. I had a friend who's missing cat showed up a year later (someone in the neighborhood had taken him in). Keep a positive attitude and I hope he comes home soon.
  3. So sorry to hear that. Fingers crossed that he'll come home, safe and sound.
  4. I'm so sorry, Sophie-Rose. :sad: I agree with ann, try to keep positive and keep looking.

    It's very true to say that cats can often wander off and get adopted by a neighbour, so don't give up hope, yet.
  5. Oh, Sophie-Rose, that is just too sad for words...and I can totally sympathize, I have cats myself that I love like they were my children.

    I too have heard stories about cats that find their way home.......I know it's hard to stay positive, but keep searching for him, and we'll be praying for your buddy.

    The other poster (chloehandbags) had a point, maybe a neighbor has taken him in. Try posting his picture and your information on telephone poles or bulletin boards in the area. Someone may have him right now, taking care of him, thinking he is a stray.

    We'll be thinking of you -and him - please keep us posted!
  6. I won't stop looking for him...
    I'm not a mother (yet) but I do feel like I've lost my child...
    we've hung up posters and I hope someone finds him, or I hope he makes his way home.... but the warm weather is worrying me... he has problems with his kidneys... And I'm worried he hasn't been drinking enough water ect.

    Thanks for all your kind words... I'll keep you posted...
    you've all made me feel a bit better... I now have hope...
    thank you
  7. I'm so sorry about your cat! I hope you find him!
  8. Are you sure he got out? And is not LOST in the house?

    Just this week my Sphynx Cat (Louis V. Ton) went missing in our house for 10 hours. I finally found him in the basement.

    A month before that he went missing and we finally found him in a small drawer trapped, he had went in a bottom cabinent and then went up to this tiny drawer and got wedged.

    I hope your cat turns up. Its an awful feeling. My thoughts will be with you!
  9. I am so sorry about this. On a happier thought, cats are known to have a "sixth sense" where they "tap into" earth's magnetic poles, that's why they can find their way home. Cats are smarter than dogs.:P You probably know your kitty inside and out, so just think where would he run to, what's his favorite kind of places? Keep an eye out for your kitty, and don't give up.:smile:
  10. One of my friend's cats came back after 1 week. 'Monkey' was sitting on her porch like nothing happened...
  11. Don't lose hope, cats really do find their way home! A couple of years ago I lived in a subdivided house and my neighbors had a cat. I never even met or saw it while I lived there, and I eventually moved out and fell out of contact with my neighbors. Well, a year later, I took my trash out and this little orange cat walked up to me like it knew me and meowed. I took it inside and called a friend (who still lived in my old house) to comment on how weird it was that I'd found this friendly orange cat. He told me that my old neighbors had just lost their cat, and sure enough, I had found it! The cat recognized me (by my scent, I'd guess) even though I'd never interacted with him. He had accidentally gotten out and gotten lost, but he still managed to find his way back to something familiar. So, again, don't give up hope, cats are smart animals, they can find their way home!

  12. You know, those things do happen fairly often. A friend of mine had just gotten a Maine Coon kitten (love those cats, have one myself!) and brought her to work with her...she was a nurse's aide and thought the "kitty visit" would cheer up her elderly client. At any rate, she couldn't find the cat later in the day, and thought that she or the elderly gentleman let the cat out without realizing it. I helped her search all day and night after I got home from work, driving all over the neighbordhood.

    Meanwhile, another friend was in the house and called us and told us she had found the cat - in the house, hiding in the back of one of those really ancient TV sets with a wooden cabinet!! Unbelievable...she didn't come out all day for food, water, or to use the litter box!! Little stinker.....:yes:

    So, there is always hope.......

    By the way, Selena, I love your cat's name. That is hysterical.
  13. Oh no! I'm sorry, I definitely know how rough it is. Have you called all the area shelters and the police to find out about animal control? Good to notify them all. Last summer my calico disappeared.... and after 5 days I had given up hope... and then suddenly after 8 nights of being missing she just is at the back door waiting to come in and just meows, looked at me and went to her bed (not after a big scolding from me though, of course).... go figure though. Keeping my fingers crossed that your kitty will come home safely!
  14. I'm sorry to hear that! I hope you find him!!

    Selena is right though, he could be in the place you lest expect him. There is a bookstore in the neighborhood I work in that has a cat. They came it to where I worked on day to ask if anyone had seen the cat. We hadn't. I ran into one of the guys that worked there about a week later and asked if they had found him. They had, he had crawled into an open drawer and someone had closed the drawer without looking!
  15. thanks for all the kind words! I'm trying my best not to give up hope!
    thanks again ladies... hearing everyones great tales has helped alot... this is why the PurseBlog RULES... everyones so kind and helpfull... I love you all!! thank you.
    I'll keep you posted...