My cats eyes are having problems... :(

  1. My cat Chloe, my youngest, has one bigger pupil in one eye and in the other she keeps closing like it might be hurt or bothering her and it looks a little dull... It started earlier tonight and I just really noticed it now. Shes acting normal except for squinting/closing on and off her left eye.

    I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow cause shes like one of my children so I'm freaking out right now.

    Does anyone know why this might be going on or have kinda had a similar problem???

  2. Is the pupil responsive to light? It could be something serious, and I would definitely get it checked out by the vet. I hope everything will be ok!!
  3. They are responsive to light, they do the cat slit thing on both of them so thats good but :sad:
  4. Hope it's nothing too serious...keep us posted! :heart:
  5. Does she have a discharge coming from her eye? Could be an eye infection. In any event, best to take her to the vet. Good luck!
  6. No discharge, she will be seeing the vet tomorrow
  7. Sending you good thoughts! I hope your kitty is ok! *hugs* for you too!
  8. Sounds like an eye infection, since the pupil still changes shape. Hope everything´s ok and let us know!
  9. Any update on your poor baby's eyes?
  10. I ended up not going to the doctor it stopped what it was doing... the only thing is her eye that was irratated glows weird? And its done this before when its changed color??? I know that sounds odd but her eyes are usually green and a few months ago turned brown in one eye... and it had this weird reflecting glow in the dark if the light hit it just right... so its doing this again so I think I'm going to take her in cause I'm sure thats not normal :confused1: ....

    Thanks for asking :flowers:
  11. i think you should still take your baby to the vet. just to be sure. you won't have to worry this way.
  12. Take her to the vet, no need to second guess then. Basic rule; if a cat´s eyes turn to a different look or have heavy discharge, it´s time to see a vet.
  13. Any update on Chloe's eye? The way you described its "weird glow" made me think of cataracts.
  14. Yes..any updates? My female cat got tuna in her eye (DH was throwing it at her and it landed directly in her eye) after which she would occasionally open it less wide than the other. Sometimes they were equal and sometimes the tuna-eye was smaller. I was a little worried but she's probably just bothered a little. Maybe your cat poked herself in the eye with something while could be as simple as that or something else. Since there's no mucus or anything else its hard to say. I don't know what you mean by glowing though..ehh..can't imagine it. Hope she's better now!

    LOL!! I just read what I wrote and realized how funny TUNA-EYE sounded. HAHA!! Lol. It was so cute, you shoulda seen her. She immediately started licking her paw and rubbing her eye..awww..and when she opened it it was small..hahhaha:lol::lol::lol:. She was ok though.:smile:
  15. ^^^
    LOL! Tuna eye, that IS funny! I am trying to imagine what you cat looked like with one of her tuna eye, LOL! Reminds me to never do that to my cats!

    Okay, FijiBuni, is there any news? I think we are kinda worried here. I hope by not hearing anything that this means everything is ok. Seeing your story kinda hits home with me, coz my 1 month old kittens (4 of them) were having some kind of eye infection last week (everything's ok now, tg).