My cat ...

  1. died yesterday night in front of my eyes .. :cry:

    I was walking the dogs (I got a puppy yesterday), and my cats (I've got three but two are 1 year old brothers) always walk with me. Yesterday only one cat, Ivy, walked with me. The dogs and cat were playing in the grass and suddenly Ivy was walking on the road (he does that a lot, but normally he is really careful or cars will stop).

    Then I saw a car coming so I was screaming IVY IVY so loud, I saw him got thrown to the other side of the road, I immediately got there and he was still alive, he was stretching his legs and made some sounds. There was a girl who lives in my street, she saw how everything happened so she came to me immediately, she took my puppy because the dogs weren't calm cause they didn't know what happened. They called the police and they said they would send an ambulance right away.. after that I called my parents, my dad took the dogs home and we waited and waited for the ambulance, it never came. He was literally bleeding to death..

    I was so angry with them, they probably thought 'oh whatever, it's just a cat'.. ugh. And I am so angry with myself. I was thinking maybe I should go to the dog park, but because the puppy was cold, I didn't want to walk around for that long. Thats why I took the other way which lies next to the road.. I don't know what it is, maybe it was just bad luck, or it should have been like this. Or maybe God didn't want me to have that puppy and he punished me with this. I'm so confused and I keep seeing how it all happened and thinking why it happened, I feel so sad. My mum have put him in a basket yesterday night and he slept next to me on my bed. The other cat, his brother stayed there the whole night, it was so sad...

    We are going to cremate him, we just brought him to the clinic and I can keep his ashes..


  2. Oh, honey, I'm so sorry, what a terrible thing. {{{hugs}}}
  3. :sad::hugs:
  4. I'm so sorry, that is awful. It was an accident and not your fault :hugs:
  5. That is my worst nightmare. Didn't the driver stop and offer to help?

    I am so sorry.....poor poor kitty:crybaby:
  6. No he didn't stop, he probably thought the same way the ambulance did 'oh it's just a cat, it happens all the time'. But he saw me running towards Ivy and I was screaming so loud, and I know he drove very hard, but still, you'll feel it right? I feel so sad, I can't stop crying and his brother, he looks so sad. Normally he wants to cuddle and never go outside, but he went out the whole day, probably looking for his little brother, and when he came home he didn't wanna cuddle, didn't want anything to eat, nothing ... :cry:
  7. So sorry to hear about Ivy, Myrkur. :cry: :hugs:
    It wasn't your fault...some people just don't pay attention as much as they should.
  8. What a horrible excuse for a human being............there is no end to the suffering I wish for them. How could they not offer to help when they saw you! Effing pos :censor:

    I hit a kitty once and I was hysterical. This was before cell phones so I ran around frantically looking for a pay phone. I finally got a hold of animal control and told them where it happened. I couldn't stand to think of it suffering. The woman from animal control called me at home later that night to see if I made it home okay and I was still a sobbing mess. I know she meant well, telling me it was an accident and all but to this day I can't drive by that spot..........I take the long way around.

    I always carry bags in the back of my car. When I see the poor little souls hit and left in the street I always pull over and use the bags to at least get them out of the road. And cry my eyes out for them. That is why I never put on my make-up until I get to has been washed away all too many times :cry:
  9. Myrkur --

    I am really, really sorry. Ivy was very handsome. :sad:

    Can I please just gently encourage you to not let his brother to walk alongside you, no matter how badly he wants to be outside? I promise you, he will be just as happy with you inside, and you will have him as a companion for many years to come.

  10. I'm so sorry for your loss :cry: He looks beautiful in those photos :hugs:
  11. :hugs: OMG, I am so sorry. When I was little our dog was run over after he slipped (backed out) of his collar, I came home from school to the sound of silence. Just 3 doors down their darling cat got run over last week (although she is at the vets hopefully recovering), I notice that the children have not played outside since. In niether incident did the driver did not stop, unbelievable and cold-hearted. I don't even let my 5 month old kittens out in the back garden without a harness, they are just too prescious I'm too paranoid.

    Please don't think that God punnished you for getting a puppy, just look after your animals and yourself :hugs:

    Ivy was such a beautiful silver tabby, again I am so sorry :sad:
  12. Oooh that must have been really hard for you :sad: I know, some people don't seem to have a heart for animals, especially in summer, I see dogs tied to trees all the time :rant:
  13. Yeah I guess you're right, but should I let him go outside whenever me and the dogs are inside? Because he still needs to pee and such, or should I really keep him inside and just let him get used to the litter box again?
  14. The rest thank you so much for the lovely words :kiss:
  15. Ohhh I just can't believe people can be like that, it's horrible. I know how you are being over protected with your kittens, I can imagine after everything happened. I'm really careful with Ivy's brother from now on, I can't imagine losing him too.