My cat thinks he's a dog!

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  1. My cat thinks he's a dog!

    My SO and I recently adopted a 2 year old orange male tabby, named Stanley. On his background history report it says he is ''leashed trained''. So this evening my SO and I decide to give it a shot by putting a leash on him. We first tested it indoors..and he reacted really well! In my opinion better than some dogs! :nuts: So, then we decide to try it outside our apartments. He was well behaved while he walked and was smelling his surroundings. A car passed by and I assume they couldn't believe what they were seeing and began pointing and laughing, haha. When we brought him inside he was exhausted and threw himself on the floor :p Next time I'll get photos!!
  2. :tup:That's GREAT! I have a neighbor who has a leash-cat. He loves going for walks outside!

    Also have a friend who has a cat that likes to play fetch.

    Gotta love a cat that's in touch with his/her "inner dog" :nuts:
  3. How adorable! :smile:

    I would love to see pics!
  4. Ah, aren't pets the silliest little things sometimes? Glad you're enjoying each other so much! Stanley has a nice mom!
  5. I would love to see a cat walk on a leash. I agree KKKate, it is good that he is in touch with his inner-dog, lol!!
  6. Lol, so cute! When I first got cats I was like 8 years old and I remember I went and bought the harness and leash... they did NOT react well:p
  7. That is too cute. I've always wanted a cat that would walk on a leash!
  8. leash trained? that has got to be so cute! and's not a bad thing, i laugh because i find some things are funny. he he he, i'd probably be looking out my car window and laughing too...hope you don't get the wrong impression, it's all out of good humor
  9. Thanks for all your comments...we were going to take him out for a walk again last night but we thought it was going to storm..we will either do it again tonight and or tomorrow! And I'll be sure to take pics!
  10. How funny .. please take pictures i need to see this. :roflmfao:
  11. My parents have a Bengal, she is totally leash-trained as the breeder had told them that's the only safe way to let a cat outside and that the breed was easily trainable. Everyone knows her on the street and they go for long walks. It's hilarious!
  12. So cute! Would love to see pics.
  13. That is so of mine is leash trained too, but she seems to tire easily so we never walk too far.
    She also growls and runs at the front door every time the doorbell's the funniest thing. My other cat runs when she sees the least but she is lately starting to growl a little at the door too! They do the funniest things..