My cat, the Louboutin lover.

  1. I just wanted to share a couple of pictures I snapped. I have two Maine Coons, a male and a female. The female, El Hefe, has decided to take a snooze in my CL box. She barely fits, because she's a bit on the chubby side :lol:

    Like Lynn's pup, El Hefe takes after her mother with her affinity for shoes and bags ;)

    As of right now, she's contentedly asleep in the box :heart:



  2. That is the cutes pic!
    Your cats have good taste, just like their mom!
  3. so cute, thanks for sharing!
  4. Haha! Love it.
  5. That is adorable, your cat has good taste!
  6. that's so cute
  7. Looks familiar......trying to cram something too big into a Louboutin. She is definitely like her mom and every other Loub lover. She doesn't look as uncomfortable as we do though.:p
  8. How cute:smile:
  9. I LOVE Maine Coons.. They are such sweet breeds, aren't they?
    I rescued one about 13 years ago and I can't see how my life would be without him!

    Christina, she's adorable!!

    p.s. He's the one sporting my red hat..
  10. So cute !! :heart::love:
  11. LOL! :lol: This made me crack up. I completely understand that dilemma!

    Butterfly* - Your boy is so sweet! How cute is that picture? :love: Here is a photo of my male Maine Coon, Fat Mike :heart: This cat is like a dog. He plays fetch with me all the time. He's so friendly!


    The little edges of the box are bulging and I love her, "excuse me, are you done bothering me in my box" look. Now that is my kind of cat!

    By the way, she has a :heart:beautiful:heart: coat in the most gorgeous color. You just want to reach out and pet her.
  13. Oh how cute!!!!!!
  14. I guess it proves all females, even felines, love CL's, lol. Thanks for sharing that pic, too cute!
  15. So cute!