My cat Sprayed one of my bags!

  1. OMG!!!!!

    I posted a while ago in the animal forum that my cat has been going on a spraying rampage through my home and ruining my new wood floors... but now he has taken it a step too far and sprayed a coach bag!!

    I am so mad at him right now! I am doing everything in my power to keep him happy. I have spent almost a 1000 bucks on feliway products to help calm him... I have been trying everything.

    I think I should be able to put my bag on a table and not worry about it being sprayed. I really don't think I need to cater to my cat and put my bag on a high shelf in a closet every time I am not using it. :cursing:

    I don't know what to do.. how do I clean it?? Thankfully it wasn't a huge spray just a little bit looks like 3 wet spots.. I don't want to throw it out because I just got it. :sad:

    I think my Husband is about to throw this cat out.. and I have been trying to keep him.. but I don't know, we have had him for almost 7 years and this just started not too long ago. :crybaby:

    please move if this isn't in the appropriate place... I really just want to know how I should clean this.. or maybe have it cleaned. It's Khaki Signature.
  2. Oh my gosh....I am so sorry. We had to get rid of our cat last summer. He was spraying in a hallway and we replaced the carpet because nothing gets out cat urine in my experience. Well, he did it again on the new carpet. At that point kitty went away (my cousin took him) and we replaced the carpet again. So after about $1,000 I will never have a cat again.

    I wish you luck and I hope you find a solution.
  3. :wtf: OH MY!!!!

    Now don't anyone here kill me....but I say give that little cat the BOOT! (not, I do love animals....just not!) :lol: Find him a home that doesn't have any Coach bags....
  4. sounds like my dog w/the carpet no matter how many times you took her out and she peed she always saved a little bit and would pee on this one spot on the landing, when we moved we had to replace the carpet! but for some reason she behaves now..... must have been that house lol....

    they have products that will take pet oder out of fabric, but I'm not sure it'll work for urine.....
  5. I had a new kitten that peed on my brand new couch 2 times in the same spot and then I had to have the breeder take him back and have my couch replaced and it was only 2 weeks old. In the meantime of having it replaced I used this stuff called Non-Stop. It really does take the odor out. I just could not live with this couch knowing that this cat peed on it 2 times. I bought it at Pet Supplies Plus. I just don't know if this is safe to use on your purse. You have to saturate it and then let it somewhere to dry and it is kind of smelly...not really a stinky smell though, but STRONG, once dried the odor goes away. I would try a little spot first just to make sure it doesn't make any kind of mark on it. I hope you can save your purse.
  6. Is he neutered? If not, he really should be...

    As for your bag (and anywhere else he's been spraying), try a mixture of vinegar and water (I think you do half vinegar and half water). Vinegar deodorizes and disinfects, and I *think* it would be gentle enough to use on fabric. It should also keep him from spraying that area again.

    (Animal People-Vinegar rocks. It's a great way to clean your pet's litterbox/cage/whatever without exposing him/her to chemicals. Also, if you let a puddle of vinegar sit on plastic that has stains or a buildup of minerals from urine (you'll commonly see this in the corners of litterboxes or cages that rabbits have used), it really helps remove it)
  7. Bad kitty!

    Ooo! I agree with above post.

  8. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Yes, he is neutered.. and has been since he was 6 months old. He have had him since he was 6 weeks old.. thats why I hate to be so freaking mad at him! I love him.. but I hate this!
  9. I don't know if I could deal with that. I don't like cats, so I would get rid of the cat if I was in your position. If it was a dog I would have him retrained. Hope you get the smell/urine out of your purse.
  10. You're welcome:smile:

    Have you tried consulting your vet about the problem? He/she might have ideas about what could be causing it and suggestions for how to stop it.

    Have there been any changes in your home recently? Things like moving, redecorating, new people coming into the home, familiar people leaving, or a change in the family's schedule (like a SAHM starting to work) can cause animals to do odd things like this.
  11. If this problem has just started and you had him for 7 years, he might have a medical condition that needs to be taken care of. Maybe a UTI. Male cats tend to have urinary problem.

    Try asking your vet. Just not sure why he is marking his territory all over. Did you just get a new pet, another New baby? Something is pissing him off, how strange. I know lots of people are reccomending getting rid of him, but shelters are overcrowed right now, especially being an overcrowding in cats... so hate to say it, but he would be put down if you go that route.

    Just try to figure out what you changed in your home. New furniture... something used you just bought... something must be different! in the meantime... time to put those bags in your closet on the highest shelf! Far away from kitty. I hope something works! good luck!

  12. well.. I know it started after a baby was born and it was really bad.. but after my vet suggested the feliway products that has been seeming to help. He has dramatically lowered the amount of spraying but he still does it... He has never sprayed our stuff before, just usually around the front door and when a guest comes over he usually does it in the guest bathroom... It sucks. He has also sprayed around his food bowl. I have the feliway plug ins and the spray that I spray around in each room every day. And I have these herbal drops that I put in the water that are supposed to make him less territorial. It's working a little, but not enough. I also clean up urine with vinegar and water or this enzyme cleaner called anti-icky poo. He only does it on the wood so it's easy to see :rolleyes:
  13. OMG! I'm so sorry about the bag! My cat did this one time and I almost killed him. However, I think you should have your kitty checked out by a vet if you haven't already (don't want to state the obvious). My cat had such a bad kidney infection he had to stay in the kitty ER all weekend. The spraying started as a result of the infection getting worse.
    Maybe try a little of Nature's Miracle on the spots. Good luck!

  14. Best comment/help so far!