My cat scratched my bag

  1. Oh this morning I saw my cat must have scratched my black box bag... Normally my bags are safe in my closet... but as I was making pics... I forgot and she was on my desk... the scratch is like not deep but seems like the leather comes off a bit, and gets a bit white... Do you think this can be fixed.
  2. I so sorry to hear that. I hope you can get it fixed.
  3. Why can't my cat be like s'moms :upsidedown:

    Here are pics.

  4. Bad kitty...

    I am sure the experts are going to tell you to take it to an H store right away to get it looked at...
  5. I will call the store tomorrow and send it out... Oh I hate to be parted with this bag...
  6. It doesn't look so bad to me in the picture. I'm sure it can be fixed easily. And anyway, it's part of the patina!! Maybe it's been there a while but you just noticed it?? I don't want to see your kitty get in trouble!!
  7. H&H, so sorry..I'm sure it can be fixed. I have a dog, Buster, he lifted his leg on my LV Steamer Bag....not happy at all...bad dog...
  8. Yeah, I know, it happens. I don't think cats are particularly drawn to leather, but sometimes when they're jumping from point A to B, they could leap and their nails could potentially scratch any valuable. I tried to punish them, but later realized that they don't have any sense of "I did this....therefore", so there was no point yelling at them.

    When they do something bad, and I get angry, they just look at me with quizzical, innocents eyes: "huh? want a hug?". :confused1:
  9. Oh I love my cat, no matter how many scratches she will make (hopefully not) it was my fault to leave the bag out.
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  10. Yes I think that's what happened... In the night she is 'hunting' and jumping around :smile: next time I have to make sure my bags are secure in my closet...
  11. Send her to 'rehab' with S'mom's Muffin!
  12. Haha that is a good idea:smile:
  13. sorry about the scratch... dont worry my pups stratch my H bags all the time too. It will be fine :smile: I hope you feel better!
  14. Thank you ladies for your support. Yes this morning I was like :wtf::hysteric::cry: but I have confidence Hermes can fix it:smile: sometimes you have those days everything goes wrong and you just want to stay in bed;)
  15. Let us know if Hermes can fix it. I hope one day to own a box calf Kelly, and want to know everything about maintaining it! (note to self: sell cat)
    (j.k. don't own cat - nobody 'owns' cats, tee hee)