My cat loves using my laptop...

  1. :p But after a while he gets sleepy...
    net1.jpg net2.jpg net3.jpg
  2. What a clever cute.
  3. Too cute, one of my cats likes doing that as well.
  4. That's too cute!
  5. hehehe, too cute!!
  6. Yeah, he's spoiled rotten. :love: Thanks ladies for the nice comments.
  7. Awww! All that working on the laptop made him tired. Adorable!
  8. my cat use to like that too! i think b/c its warm!
  9. LOL, so cute!!!
  10. very cute, how many words a minute can he type? lol!
    my kitty walks up and accross mine and lays on the key board!
  11. Aaah! How cute! She isn't shopping for handbags on-line by any chance, is she? ;)
  12. ^Actually it's a he :p..he was looking at!!
  13. LOL! Too funny!;)
  14. Thats the cutest thing!!!... The laptop probably gets nice and warm for him ;)
  15. hahaha, too cute!