my cat keeps peeing inside my laundry basket

  1. I have three cats, two of them are 2.5 years old and one of them is 1.5 years old.

    Hermes, the 1.5 year old keeps peeing inside my laundry basket. He is very good about doing both number one and number two in the liter box, but he has pee'd inside my laundry basket about four times already over the past two weeks.

    He does not excrete anywhere else. Just the liter box and my laundry basket.

    He is the most attention demanding of my three cats, and I give him lots of love and attention. He is generally a pretty happy cat (all of my cats are). I have no idea why he insists on being inside my laundry basket.

    Any advice on how I can get him to stop?
  2. Maybe get a new laundry basket? Like a different kind... like the wicker basket kind that have tops???

    My uncles cat was peeing on his couch or a while.. cats do the darndest things LOL!
  3. I second the last post. Buy a laundry basket that has a lid.

    Washing the exsisting one with white vinegar and water will remove the smell, but it seems to me he's doing it for some other reason.

    Also, if you have three cats, you should have two litter boxes. That'll work wonders too.
  4. there must be a smell there from the plastic or something that is attracting your fur baby. I had a previous cat that did things like that. Nature's Miracle took care of the odor and the stain,

    Also, cats might urinate outside their boxes if they don't like the litter. Did you change litter brands recently?
  5. My Bengal does this too. I've read that they do this when they're stressed or need calmed a bit. The scent of the laundry (your scent) mixed with the cat's scent (his piddle) somehow soothes the cat. I have to keep my laundry in a closed closet or buy vinegar by the gallon to remove the smell from my laundry.
  6. If a cat pees somewhere, it leaves the smell and you really have to work to get that smell out, or they will keep using that spot... Probably just easier to get a new laundry basket! My cats have always liked to sit in my laundry baskets, and on my laundry, but so far no peeing!
  7. the cat probably thinks that because in there has dirty clothes, it can smell the dirt and assumes its a litter box as well [pretty clever when you think about it]

    definitely get a laundry basket with a lit and protective box.
  8. Hi there

    First of all - is he neutered? if not, get him fixed - it is typical male cat behaviour to urinate, especially on worn clothes/the bed.

    If he *is* already neutered, have him checked by the vet for any urinary problems/infections - that is one of the most common reasons that cats pee outside of their litter box!

    If he has been checked by a vet and no problems were found (and he is neutered) it is probably either insecurity or dominance that makes him want to 'mark' you (your laundry) with his scent. Get a new hamper with a lid and you could also try FeliFriend, which is artificial cat feromones that calmes the cats.
  9. i had this problem for a while... baking soda is awesome. just add it to your wash and it will remove the smell/stain. have you changed litter brands recently? is his box clean? maybe you need 2 boxes...
  10. ack! my cat got mad at me one time & peed on my comfortor!!!!
  11. I had the same problem. I replaced the laundry basket and now if it is empty I keep it upside down. Sometimes the only way to stop the behavior is to make the source unavailable.
  12. My aunt's cat does this out of spite. She gets mad at something, so she pees on things. Your cat might be doing that or just marking his territory ( I've heard of cats doing that before). I agree, get a laundry basket with a lid, so he won't urinate in it.
  13. Is the litter box clean enough? My oldest cat Michelle pees in the shower whenever there is a pee/poo puddle in the litter box, even for 5 minutes.
  14. My cat also peed in my laundry basket... just climbed in and started peeing... he's a 2 year old neutered male. Then he kept doing it even though I took the clothes out becasue he could still smell a bit of his pee... ultimately, getting a new basket was the only solution. Hasn't been a problem since.