my cat is sick and i dont know what it is :(

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  1. maybe you guys could help me out with this.....

    yesterday morning i noticed my cat (princess) was drooling alot. i diddnt think much of it until i noticed she seemed extremely tired, she slept most of the day (which isnt really normal for her) and when she was awake she looked all dopey and tired, she was also shaking a little. Now thismorning when i looked at her mouth it looked even worse, its all pussy and yellow, i tried to look inside but she wont let me and i dont want to hurt her :sad:

    im not really sure if shes drooling or id its coming from her nose, and her eye is also all watery thismorning.

    ill for sure take her to the vet if it gets any worse :sad:

    do any of you know what this could be?
  2. Take her to the vet. NOW.
  3. ^ Yes I totally agree..Do not wait -Go immediately & keep us posted!
  4. Yes, please go to the vet! This is the vet!
  5. oh my god ok, ive been reading online and it sounds like she has a respritory infection of some sort. but thank you i will go to the vet, i have no other choice.
  6. Definitely go to the vet, NOW, go to one of the emergency vets. She'll be fine, I will pray for her!
  7. Have you take your cat to the vet yet?

    How is she? What's wrong with her? I am worried after seeing your post. I hope it's nothing that can't be treated easily. I get all worry too when my furbabies show signs of discomfort.
  8. ditto ditto ditto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. OP-it sounds like she does have a respitory infection. That is exactly what my kitty had just a few months ago. he was all sniffly and drooly and just not himself.

    let us know what the vet says!

  10. yes the it was a respritory infection. shes doing better now, shes stopped drooling and is going outside more. im just worried that my other 2 cats might get the same thing. i have to keep her food and water dish seperate for a while until shes over it, shes gonna be ok though. thanks everyone for responding!! i get so nervous when my cats get sick or hurt. its nice to be able to talk to other people who understand!:smile:
  11. Thank goodness she is okay, that is great to hear!!^^^^
  12. Thats good that shes doing good!!!!!!
  13. they could very well come down with it, we have several cats and last fall a few of them came down with a respiratory infection, including my very special baby. lots of sneezing running noses, ect. we had to give them a pill and also this odd red liquid, that i suppose was similar to benadryl for kiitie! lol but they're fine now and got over it quickly.. i would say if your other cats come down with it, or if the infected one still ahs it, to clean ther food and water bowls, and then seperate them, put the sick kittie in a bathroom, until she gets better, because it will help decrease the chances of the other ones getting it!