My cat is meowing and acting strange??

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  1. My cat is not even 1 yet but today she just started meowing at first i thought she wanted wet food so i got my dad to bring round some then suddenly she started dragging herself round floor and her back legs were kicking or acting in a strange way i picked her up and she dribbled on my hand i look down below and she is wet?? please can anyone help me i am worried about her..
  2. Is she fixed? She may be in heat.
  3. ^^ That's what I thought too. If she's not, then please consider getting her fixed, princessxx.
  4. she has not had anything done to her she is a house cat so i dont really know whats going on my dad has cats so im not sure the scent would do anything??
  5. She's in heat ... so nothing to worry about, but get ear plugs - she will be howling for about a week :biggrin: And very much time to call vet and get a date for fixing her!
  6. Get her fixed anyway, princessxx. Believe me, it's for the best.
  7. Females do not generally get the smelly urine like males do (they can really stink!) - but some females do actually spray when in heat.

    Letting the cat get in heat over and over is a huge stress factor for the cat, the hormones are racing and she is very frustrated with not being able to fullfil her natural instincts. You will get frustrated as well since the majority of them are quite loud ...

    When a female is in heat her cervex is naturally 'opened' in order for a male to be able to fertilize - this causes high risk of developing infections like pyometra which can be deadly if not caught in time. The raving hormones are also likely to cause cysts on the ovaries if nature isn't followed through by a pregnancy.

    So there are lots of great reasons for getting your cat fixed - and practically no good reasons not to! :smile:
  8. 100% agree with the previous posts - get that cat fixed! Trust me, you won't regret it....and you won't have to deal with certain cancers or an unwanted litter later on.
  9. I agree with the other posters..get her fixed.
  10. Definitely get her fixed and while she's in heat make absolutely sure that she can't escape - she will try to get out of open doors and windows to find a mate!! :nuts:
    Good luck.
  11. i'm sorry but this made me laugh. only because i went through the same thing. i have one female cat and i got her when she was around 4-5 months old. at the time i had 2 male cats (who were neutered). and i freaked out when she went into heat the first time i had no idea what was wrong with her! then i kinda figured it out when she would go stick her butt in my other cats' faces. they would just walk away. lol
  12. What does "being in heat" mean? I have two cats~
  13. to put it bluntly, they're horny and want some action.
  14. ^Lol, unless OP plans on letting the cat mate and have kittens I think she should spay as soon as possible.
  15. hahaha... it time ot get her fixed.. or u will suffer