my cat hurt his back

  1. my cat disappeared for four days, I went crazy. I went out looking everywhere, I was shouting his name but he wouldn't come for me (although he normally does when he hears my voice)

    the morning of the fifth day my maid woke me up to tell me that he's back, but he can't move. I immediately took him to the vet and she told me his back 'n' hips are broken. i left him at the vet's clinic so that she takes care of him for a few days, until he recovers.

    i'm so sad. the worst part is, i have no idea how it happened... :sad:
  2. So sorry this has happen, hope your cat is OK. You must have been frantic looking for him.

    Sounds like he was hit by a car thats what these sort of injuries come from
  3. Oh dear. :sad: Hopefully he will be okay, keep us posted! *crosses fingers*
  4. Danica, thank you so much. I really hope he recovers soon too :sad:

    Saich2, I don't think so, well I hope not. i mean, there's noway.... omg it's painful to think that this could have happened. but there was no blood what so ever and no sign of injuries. he just couldn't walk and the vet said there is a broken hip and back. poor thing was crawling home for four days. it waters my eyes just thinking about it.

    do cats fall? i mean, they're so good in jumping i don't know if they can take a fall or no. my mom said he probably fell down from somewhere.
  5. it's heartbreaking, his first birthday is coming up this march 3rd.

    damn this hurts!
  6. I wish your cat a speedy recovery. I'm sure your vet will do everything she can to ease his discomfort. They have so many new medicines and technology these days to help with pain. Best of luck.
  7. I'm so sorry your cat is seriously hurt!! I'm sure your vet is doing everything possible. Do you know if he will fully recover or don't you know yet? I'm praying for him to get well.:heart:
  8. so sorry to hear this... i hope he gets better and recover pretty soon.. pls keep us posted on how hes doing..

    Get well soon!!
  9. Yikes! Hope your kitty recovers quickly :smile:Thats why I don't like the idea of outside cats...too much can happen to them :sad:
  10. Oh no! I hope your cat gets better soon, but I'm glad he came home to you! Did your vet have any idea what the recovery or outlook may be for him?
  11. I hope your kitty gets better soon! My Mao got hit by a car (he escaped the enclosed patio) and he too suffered back and hip injuries. He recovered quite well and can still do all the things cats do (except escape), but he limps a little and on cold wet days he appears to have some pain.
  12. Poor little thing! Yes, it sounds like he was hit and maybe it took him a while to get back home. Personally speaking, I would never have an outdoor cat. Too dangerous for them. I hope he heals well and afterwards, maybe you should consider keeping him strictly indoors. Sorry this has happened to you.
  13. Poor kitty!

    Get well soon . . . . um . . . . . Skrinkers! (I don't know the cat's name, so I'm guessing.)
  14. Get well and heal well little kitty! Poor little thing :sad:
  15. I'm so sorry this happened to your kitty. :o( Keep us posted on how he's doing. Poor baby, I hope he feels better soon.