My cat has been in the hospital for three days

  1. My poor baby is ill and has been in the hospital for three days now. They put her on an IV on Friday and drew some blood. As of yesterday they did not have the results of all the blood work back yet.

    I'm hoping they will know what's wrong with her tomorrow and that it is not serious and that she can come home soon. :sad:
  2. I hope she gets well soon!! :smile:

    She is sooo lucky to have such a caring owner! :smile:
  3. Oh, I hope you find out soon, too, and that it is nothing bad. Is she an older kitty? Best wishes. Not knowing is the worst.
  4. o noo kitty pie :sad:

    what was wrong with her that you took her to the hospital

    best wishes i hoppe shes fine shes lucky to have you! :smile: keep us posted!
  5. I'm so sorry. Animals are pretty resilient. Please keep us posted.
  6. So sorry to hear this & I hope your baby is okay.
    Did she suddenly become ill, what were her symtoms?
  7. I am sorry for you and your kitty. I hope she gets well and come home to you soon...
  8. Thank you everyone for your support.

    I'm pretty sure she will be coming home today though I still don't know what the diagnosis is - hopefully will know today.

    Since Wednesday of last week she had been heaving like she was trying to bring up a hair ball but nothing would come up. At first I didn't think much of it and thought the hair ball would come up soon. At that point she was bringing up a little bit of food. On Thursday night she was still heaving but dry heaving and not bringing up any liquid or anything, which told me she was not eating or drinking. So, Friday morning first thing I took her to my animal hospital and she's been there ever since.
  9. Oh no! So they haven't figured out what it is? Hopefully they'll figure it out soon. It is so scary when something is wrong with a pet! I hope she is ok and that she gets to come home to you today!
  10. wishing Kitty a speedy recovery...and glad to hear she's coming home
  11. Hope they'll find out what's wrong with her - hopefully it's nothing serious. Get well soon, Kitty!
  12. I'm sorry, hope she feels better soon. :smile:
  13. *hugs* hopefully she'll be okay and can come home!!
  14. She's coming home today!!:yahoo:

    Still don't know the diagnosis but will talk with the vet when I pick her up tonight.

    Thanks everyone for your kind words.
  15. Please let us know as soon as you know!! Hope everything is OK. A hug to the kitty!!