My cat dropped a bird at my feet today.

  1. :p I heard Gus attacking something while I was on a conference call. I was wondering what he was playing with. Then, he brought it to me, dropped it near my feet and meowed at me. Of all the stuffed animals - he picked the bird. :push:
    IMG_1499.jpg IMG_1500.jpg IMG_1501.jpg
  2. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! That is so funny and cute! I have a Russian Blue too, they are so amazing! Haha that look on his face in pic 2 is priceless:lol::love:
  3. OMG, Gus is absolutely beautiful!! His hair is so smooth and silky looking!
  4. Lol, I saw the thread title and where there was attachments, and I was like WTF! I don't need to see pictures of the crime thank you!:lol: Beautiful kitty!
  5. ^:lol: I had the same thought!!
  6. LOL! I thought the same exact thing. :roflmfao:
  7. Very funny! He wanted to give you a gift.
  8. Is your Russian Blue vocal? I read somewhere that RBs aren't usually vocal, but our cat talks a lot!
    Thanks! ;)
    :lol: I told my sister the same thing and tried to link her to the pics, but she wouldn't open it because she thought it was a real bird. I'm not that morbid!
  9. Cats will be....cats!:yahoo:
  10. That's too funny - I had to look because from the title I thought it was a real bird!

    My dog always does the tummy crawl-pounce-grab bird-drop at my feet thing - - - eewwww! :yucky: If I'm not outside, she leaves them at the back door and is so proud!
  11. Yes! In fact that's the main reason we got her at the shelter. At the time I had one male tabby who is very vocal and affectionate. Then when DH and I got together she was our first Christmas present to ourselves:love:. She was incredibly talkative and sweet at the shelter so we had to have her. Later when I researched about the breed (I hadn't seen one before her) I found that they are very well behaved, gentle, take time to warm up to you (so they seem aloof at first), and usually do not speak. Ours makes all sorts of loud noises and meows..sometimes sounds like a turkey gobbling:lol:. The only mischief she does that bothers us is knocking things off counter tops like cell phones etc. And she has also ruined a lot of our furniture:girlsigh: But its all worth it.

    I don't know about Gus but have you tried spanking/scratching/petting his backside? Right where the tail is? A lot of cats go crazy...its hilarious. It doesn't hurt them, mine LOVES it! She knows to come up to the "spank post" and yells at you when you stop. I've heard females like it more than males though.. I have two makes and "spank" them too but they just complain. They do secretly like it though..:rolleyes: Sorry for going off topic, I just have so many stories I like sharing:yes:

    Oh and Blues are also highly intelligent and fast. She does these crazy karate movies bouncing off the walls and stuff when she fights with the other cats. She always wins. If you type in "russian blue" in youtube I think the first video is very informational:yes:

    Here she is with my youngest male cat:
    tank 007.jpg