My cat chewed on my Speedy!!!!

  1. So I decided to change from my Beverly to my Speedy this morning and happened to look at the handles and one of my cats (not sure whose to blame) had chewed a bit on the handle and on the tab!!!! it's just on one handle on the underside mostly.

    I don't really care because it's not that bad, and i don't plan on sellimg my Speedy EVER! But you know if I did want to one day, that sucks because now I wouldn't be able to get as much probably.

    I trusted them so much not to do this! Ugh. I'm glad it's not worse though! I would have cried.

    But yeah I usualyl just left my bags out on the table and didn't think they would do that (I thought they loved me more than that. :sad:)

    Now I am putting them in boxes!!! Not taking a chance again.

    But here's the damage...


    And a pretty picture with my Mirage Bandeau!!!

  2. oh no =[

    but i wouldnt worry bout it too much, you cant really see it
  3. If it really starts to get bad, you can always bring it in and have the handles changed. My speedy was brand new, used only once and our puppy got to one of the handles,:sad: LV stores was soo great changed both handles for me so they match and did not even charge me
  4. They didn't charge you?????

    WOW! I thought they were supposed? Or are they supposed to and your just special? LOL. I'm not special so they'd probably charge my like $200 bucks!

    Anyone else have input on this handle changing thing? Do they charge?

    I'd probably do it if they didn't charge... But IDK.
  5. I feel your pain. I have a cat and I saw her rubbing her nose on my Reade PM handles one day. Since I have kept my LVs in the closet.

    She bit on a pair of my DH speaker cables a few years back and it was a $3K damage. DH almost fainted.
  6. its not that noticable....the bag still looks hot
  7. Yeah, not so noticeable. It still looks good IMO!
  8. Honestly, you can barely see the damage. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

    It still looks *FAB* with that beautiful mirage bandeau on it.

    I have a cat too :rolleyes: and that is why my LVs are in a place where her nosey little butt can't reach them.
  9. Ooooooooooh I would be SERIOUSLY upset! That's why I'm a dog person :p
  10. oh i'm sorry about your cats behavior. they seem to have such great taste though (mine does), always chewing, sleeping, or rubbing on our most cherished items.

    after your handles darken, the chew marks will fade.
  11. i feel you- my bunny chewed a HOLE in my globe!
  12. Oh, but they do love you! Its just that they're jealous that you love your speedy more..haha

    I wouldn't woory too much, once it patina, it will blend in, and even if there's marks it will be part of the bag's history.;)
  13. Your cats do love you, they just wanted you to remember them everytime you carried your speedy :p It really doesn't look that bad. And as said above, you can always take it in and get the vachetta replaced, but then it wouldn't have cat lovin'.
  14. It doesn't look that bad and it's barely noticeable but it was sort of a cute story, lol. :p I leave my LVs out all the time (the one that's being used ATM) and my dog sniffs them and tries to lick them all the time... but she only licks the canvas so it's okay. I just laugh and take them away from her, then she looks at me with this sad face like "why are you taking it away from me?" :roflmfao:

    No, I'm not crazy!!! LOL :wacko:
  15. Yes, it's not too noticeable, don't worry but wow, your cat has a good "taste" of LV, lol btw your Speedy is still beautiful with light cowhide & scarf :tup: