My cat attacked a baby rabbit.. Please help

  1. Hi everyone! Earlier this evening my cat attacked a little baby rabbit. When my husband went to get Missie, the baby was still alive. When he picked the rabbit up, he noticed the bite mark. Right now we have the rabbit in a cat carrier with a towel, water and grass. But we don't know what we can do. Should we put something on the bite mark? If so, what? Thank you!
  2. Call a vet's office. Ask them what to do.
  3. Oh no! Poor little baby bunny! :sad: Is there a wildlife rescue ctr or a vet you can call or bring it to? In regards to the bite wound I'd probably gently pat it w/ some Betadine on sterile gauze to disinfect the area (mind you I'm not a vet)? How bad of shape is the bunny in? Is he sitting "normally" or lying on his side? I hope someone can help!:crybaby:
  4. Definitely call a vet. An emergency vet clinic usually has vets who can help with rabbits.

    I would definitely recommend taking it to a vet or wildlife rehabilitator...he could get an infection from the bite and suffer quite a bit before he passed away :sad:
  5. I hope hes ok=o( keep us posted!!
  6. Cat bites carry alot of bacteria, go to a vet.
  7. Oh no! Were you able to take the bunny to a vet?
  8. I would take both the cat and the bunny to the vet. Check for rabies.
  9. Yes I agree with the earlier posts...Take both animals to the ER Vet...Cats carry a lot of bacteria and germs in their bite...Also, who knows where this bunny came from...Please be careful when handling him/her! Hope all goes well!! You could also call your vet/ER vet and see what they recommend what to do/not do right now-before you get to the hospital...
  10. aw, poor baby! I hope things work out with both animals.
  11. Aww! Poor thing! I hope it's ok... I'd take it to the vet

    Please keep us updated!
  12. aww poor bunny. I would call a vet and ask them what to do. Do you still have the bunny?
  13. Hi everyone! Thank you all for the replies. The baby bunny died the next day :crybaby: My kittie is doing fine, though. Thank you again!
  14. ^^Curious, Did you take it to the vet and it died there or did it die in the cat carrier?
  15. awe thats sad.