My car's check engine light is on! :(

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  1. Ok... I'm probably being over-dramatic here... but I'm actually quite nervous. I just bought a brand new 2007 3 series back in May (end of May early June) and because it's synthetic oil, they say that I don't have to get an oil change as often. So, my service light went on with the oil lamp thing and I called my dealership to get an appointment at the service department. The service department receptionist said all I needed to do was top it off, no need to make an appointment. So, I got and have it topped off. Now this was a week ago and the service light hasn't stopped popping up. I planned on taking it in on the weekend to get it looked at (for safety measures) anyway. So tonight, I get in my car and my "CHECK ENGINE: ENGINE MALFUNCTION" light goes on. They say if it's yellow that I should get it checked and drive with caution but I can still continue to drive it. If it's red it means DO NOT continue. It's yellow but it's freaking me out!! I have done all the neccessary oil "top offs" when it tells me to. I don't drive my car very much; just to and from work. I follow what it says in the manual. I know that it is under warranty but I'm afraid that if it's something that isn't covered that I'll have to pay a hell of a lot of money to get something fixed... and I just had the car for 6 months!!

    It's late right now and I left a message with the general service voice mail. I plan on calling them right when they open tomorrow. Because the service department closes when I get off work, I'm having to take time off... I hope it's not bad news and that they can fix it right away and nothing is wrong with it... but if there is, I can't believe that I've only had the car for 6 months and I've got a problem! :crybaby:
  2. Just take it in as soon as you can. It's not going to blow up, but something needs to be checked.

    I love the news cars, they give you a warning before they poop out on ya!
  3. Especially since it's a Beemer, I highly doubt that it won't be covered if it IS something major. Just chill out - just breathe deep - it's just a car - and know it's fixable. I know it's hard to do, because I've been just like you - but it's such a relief to know that it will get fixed.
    You just call the service department first thing in the a.m. and ask if it's safe to drive. If not, they should provide a pickup service to tow the car into the dealership.
    You will feel a whole lot better when it's in the service bay and you can go do whatever tomorrow...
    Be thankful for such a blessed time of year, you're healthy and happy and all will be OKAY.
    I promise.....
  4. If your car is new, sometimes the check engine light is triggered by a loose gas cap. Take the gas cap off and put it back on tightly. See if that works.
  5. my car always get a check engine light when it needs a tune-up...maybe yours is due for one? Tune-ups are needed yearly and oil changes should occur every 3 months or so.
  6. Hopefully all it needs is a tune up and nothing more. I went and check the gas cap and that wasn't it...

    I know things could be a lot worst and that I'm healthy and what not... but dang, just thinking of the worst case scenario... It's not a good time for pumping in a lot of money on a brand new car (that shouldn't have many problems) and being without one (if it needs fixing) right about now.
  7. my mother had a similar incident with her car (lexus rx) and the dealership ended up emptying all the fluids and refilling. cost her about $400 and that seemed to solve the problem.
  8. your car is still under warranty, so you shouldn't have to pump a bunch of money in to it to get this taken care of, and late model cars of any brand are going to have EXTREMELY sensitive sensors for everything, so it's probably something easy for them to take care of. i have a 2004 4Runner and my tire pressure light comes on if someone looks at it the wrong way.
  9. my SO car had a similar problem. the car stopped fine and when it was turned on again, it had that worrying engine light on.
    in the end, it was because the gas lid was nt capped on properly.
    if its a new car, i seriously dun tink that it is anything serious so rest assured =)
    another thing they said was some electric components that may need some tuning if the engine light comes on.
    he is asleep nw so i am trying to recall as much as possible about what happened that time.
  10. Just take it to the dealership and have them hook it up to the computer...Don't even bother with making an appointment. Tell them you want it checked (it doesn't take long) and that if required, you will make an appointment for repair at that time.
  11. Since it's a new car, if it has under 50,000 miles, anything that goes wrong, BMW will fix, no charge to you. It'll be covered under the warranty, their warranty is great. They've been working on my mom with her '07 328i retractable hard top lately, it keeps crapping out. Pop into the dealership and I'm sure they'll take care of you, they always did me when I had one! :tup:
  12. I'm sure it's nothing serious..just take it in and keep us updated.
  13. take it to the dealership. If they cannot look at it then, leave it and ask for a loaner. (next time don't take the advice of the receptionist) The last time my check engine light came on in my BMW, it had a broken hose. A previous poster was right, your car should still be under warranty unless you have been rolling the miles-
  14. just take it in.... good luck
  15. all I have to say is... once I ignored a check engine light thinking it was nothing serious and that I'd take it to check when I got to my destination...

    ended up frying my engine and paying $3000 for a new one.

    lesson here was, don't ignore warning lights. the mechanic wouldn't give me his loaner until I promised 50 times that if the light came on, I'd stop driving the car.

    (not trying to say your car is going to die, just passing on my experience!)