My Carry-on Luggage Isn't What I Expected in Quality...

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  1. Call me old-fashiond, but when I travel on a public airplane, I like to compliment... cheaper, but still trendy luggage with my carry-on Louis Vuitton pieces. I purchased my Carryall a while ago and more recently: my Keepall 55. Before I ever used them, the handle stitching has started to come apart (You can see it on the left handle side on the carryall read good). The stitching is double stiched a little above where the fold of the handle is. So far it hasn't come apart further than that, but Louis Vuitton has already had to replace many luggage items that do this. I was wondering if this is normal for Louis Vuitton? Does anyone else have this problem with other items than carry-on luggage? Any help would be great!
  2. cant see what you're talking about, but i see 2 nice bags :smile:
  3. how about photos of the actual problem? sometimes its not actually the stiching has come undone but it's usually just the end bit of the thread that's gone loose.
  4. I wish you hadn't had a problem. That's a shame. I only have the Keepall 45 and I use it every day as a dance bag and have never seen even a hint of a problem.
  5. I'm sorry for not posting more pictures, I'm new here. :sad:

    I got more pictures of the general idea on what's happening on all of the handles. I just don't like Louis Vuitton always replacing and destroying the items like this. Is this part of the Louis Vuitton aging process?

  6. it looks to me like the end bits of the thread has come loose. i wouldn't worry about it. the handles are still intact. it's just normal wear and tear.
  7. Is it really normal? It started falling apart when I brought them home from the boutique. I'll just have them replace the bags and have Louis Vuitton destroy my new batch of flawed bags. I hope they fix this bad quality soon! I've never had trouble with Chanel or Hermes...
  8. Oh Dear!
  9. Hmm. Doesn't seem like it would fall apart. But if you're unsatisfied call LV and have them replace and/or fix it.
  10. I actually doubt it would fall apart... soon. But when you buy a luxury brand, you expect it to hold up. When it doesn't hold up to being in a shopping bag, that's when it gets sad. :crybaby: I'm embarassed to take these items out because I've seen almost all fakes that hold up better. Louis Vuitton needs to get to the traditions and make their items exclusive and not mass produced...
  11. I have never had this problem...I have had a keepall for about 25 years....also how do you know they had replace many items? If an item is really defective, they will replace or fix it.
  12. Yeah I've had my keepall 55 for 8 yrs and its nearly perfect.
  13. what exactly do you mean with "falling apart"? it sounds rather exaggerated :s
  14. I don't know what your trying to say. Although I know this is a problem for the newer Louis Vuitton luggage pieces. Louis Vuitton always replaces my items with this defect. I'll have to go and get new bags this weekend. Or just return them so I can get something better!
  15. The stitching is falling apart on every handle, every side... 8 places on the bag. For many bags. This is falling apart in my eyes. Maybe your content with the monogram alone, but I strive for perfection. At the very least, something that lasts for longer than a day. (Without any use.)
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