my carnival bacio!

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  1. I just recieved this the other day and finally had time to get everything transfered to it so i could actually use it. :yahoo: it's so small but seems like you can fit so much stuff it it (smaller stuff)!

    i'm not real picky on placement but i'm really happy with what i got. the one thing I didn't want was the clown and i was glad to see that he is barely visible.

    (don't worry, that's not a real credit card number under it - just junk mail)


    other side:
  2. cute! and very nice print placement :tup:
  3. that's great placement, a bit of everything!! I like the cactus piggy!!
  4. cute bag
  5. I like the haunted house part of this print the best.. (as you can tell from my avatar) ;)
  6. i had this sitting out at work the other day and the older ladies that were working (probably 50 and 60 years old) thought it was the cutest thing ever!

    i'm currently using it as a wallet and it fits nicely inside my transporto zucca :tup:
  7. that's really cute.. the print is nice!