My Carmen Bag

  1. I recently purchased a Carmen purse in brown. I love the color it is just gorgeious but I feel like the bag is just too big for my short frame. Anyone have any opinions on this bag? I just don't know if I will use it.
  2. picts?
  3. I will take them tonight and post. :yes:
  4. Pics of me and the carmen
    CIMG7749.JPG CIMG7754.JPG
  5. The Carmen is not a large bag at all. I think it looks good and definitely does not overwhelm you. However if you're not feeling the love, you should return.
  6. It´s just right!
  7. Grace, you & I have a similar problem. =)
    Venetia looks like that on me too so I've been debating about keeping it. We might need some time to adjust to bigger bags?
  8. Your shoes are too cute! Love em!
  9. bag.lover, I actually sold my Venetia b/c it just looked so big on me. But you may be right, we just need to adjust to the size!
  10. Thank you so much! They are my favorite summer shoes, goes with everything!
  11. I love it! It looks great on you - congrats
  12. I think the bag looks great! I'm about 5'3" and I LOVE big bags only because I can fit so much into them!

    Are you going to keep it?
  13. I don't know what is wrong with my many multiple posts.

    So sorry!
  14. Hiding behind my computer in shame...
  15. :shame: Sorry ladies....