My Carly Troubles...

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  1. So my first big coach purchase was a medium black sig. carly. I used it just about everyday for 3 or 4 months, I got it at Macys with the friends & family discount. Lately I've fallen out of love with her, the black sig. has faded a little and the bottom corners are fraying. I need you ladies to give me your opinion, should I keep her and just live with it, should I (could I?) take it into Coach even thought I brought it at Macys and see if they can fix the corners or should I sell her on ebay (idk if i'd even get that much for her)? Please help!:s
  2. Definitely take it into Coach. A lot of members have had this problem, and I believe they had an exchange, no problem.
  3. Take it into Coach for sure - margaritaxmix is right. :yes:
  4. Girl, I just went through the SAME thing! My 3 month old large sig black carley was fraying at the bottom, the C's were unthreading. Definitely take it back because that is a manufacturer's defect and the repair center will send you a replacement bag. When I got my replacement I swapped it for the black leather Carly to avoid the same issue.
  5. How awful!! I hope coach gets it sorted for you :flowers:
  6. how did you manage to switch for a leather one? don't u need a receipt? did u tell them it was a replacement, but now you want to upgrade?
  7. Well I paid the $100 difference for the leather Carly when I exchanged my replacement bag. I called Jax to make sure I could do this and they said yes. But I never did get asked to show them a receipt, even though I had one.

  8. hmmm interesting.... something to keep in mind if i come across the same situation (that is, fraying, getting a replacement, then upgrading)
  9. Thanks ladies

    So to get it repaired do i just take it into a coach store and they send it out, do i need to give them anything other than the purse?
  10. I just sent my 2nd Carly back for the same fraying on the bottom.....they waived the fee, so I guess in about 4-6 weeks i should receive a new one on my doorstep again! If it happens for a 3rd time, I will demand a different purse all together!
  11. so do i just take the bag into a coach store, or is there like a form i should fill out? will i need the receipt or anything?

  12. All you have to do is take it to a Coach store you can send it in yourself with a form you fill out from the Coach website, but I think it is easier just to go to a coach store. Good luck! I hope they send you a new one!