My Carly should be here tomorrow!

  1. Yeah---Dh got me the large Carly for Christmas, in brown, with the bleeker capacity wristlet to match. Well, I really wanted it in the khaki/beet, but the whole co. was out of stock at that time (during PCE). Last thursday, I went into the store and exchanged the brown for the khaki/beet--only they had to order it b/c they had none in-store. Should've really been here on friday, but for some reason it didn't ship until friday. Fedex site says estimated time to arrive is tomorrow morning by 10:30---but it's still in JAX!!!! I'm sure it will fly out tonight, but it's making me nervous. I want it so I can go to the outlet and match up a wallet!!!

    I'll post pics when it's here :smile:
  2. I hope it arrives soon!
  3. I want a Carly! Can't wait to see pics!
  4. Waiting is sheer torture! :tdown: Be sure and post pics when you get it.:yes:
  5. I can't wait to see the color combination!!! Congrats!
  6. hope it arrives on time tomorrow, cant wait to see pics.
  7. I LOVE CARLY!!!! I'm so excited to see pics of your new one - I love the beet color!!
  8. YAY!!! Congrats!!!