My Carly is making new purchases difficult!

  1. This is going to sound crazy but I LOVE my carly. And I compare all new bags to her. I can't seem to find a new bag. But she is khaki/chambrey and doesnt match everything. I was thinking of maybe getting another Carly, but what color?? I like the khaki/black then it would go with both but that is still alot of khaki. I do not need another all black bag. SHould I just keep carrying my khaki/chambrey with everything I wear???
  2. How about the chocolate carly? I love that bag!
  3. Then that still matches more browns
  4. How about the black and white carly?
  5. I just got black and white carly and LOVE her. I wear all silvertoned jewelry and I wear a lot of gray, so she is perfect. I compare ALL bags to Carly too, so don't feel bad!

  6. YES!!!!!!! If you LOVE the bag, why not? My first Coach love was the beaded berry purple suede trim gallery tote. You can bet your bootie I wore that bag everyday for a year!!!! LOL.....:lol:

  7. I was considering that one becuase I wear silver/white gold. Is the slim alot smaller than the regular?
  8. I am the same way. :yes: I have a large khaki/black Carly and I adore her. :love: She matches everything and looks great.. I don't love another bag quite like I love her! :girlsigh:
  9. camel leather?
  10. I almost got it..but didn't...but wanted it!!!... So I say wear it with everything...the chambray just makes it pop...and chambray is so beautiful!!!! I have the chambray soho hobo and when i first got it I wore her everywhere...with every outfit!! hehe

    I miss my chambray maybe i'll take her out soon :smile: