My Carly died and s in COACH Heaven now.....

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  1. Well my Carly Khaki/Chambray had the threading coming out again and it had a line of signature fabric coming. So I brought it in to the store today and they let me exchange it for something else since there is not anymore of this color combo available. So I got a leather Slim Carly in Brass/Blue AND since I couldn't decide if I wanted any of the new "pinks" available right now I also got the capacity patent wristlet in Pink!!! SO my old Carly is in heaven but atleast I have something new to replace her!!!
    11636.jpg 41503_.jpg
  2. That Carly is TDF... that color is so pretty IRL... btw, do you have an actual pic of the wristlet you got? I was just wondering if its a "bright" pink or a more "duller" pink? Congrats!
  3. I love that Carly, and I was just looking at that wristlet for the gift I was buying today. I went with the pink optic one instead because I was looking for something smaller, but that was was very nice too. Is that patent or regular leather? I saw the regular leather one.
  4. Congrats on the new bag. Sorry about your other one.
  5. Oooh, how sad! I can't even find that bag so if I ever actually did I'd be in mourning if something happened to it! But I do have to say that the blue carly is beautiful. I considered getting that one myself but decided against it only because I own the legacy shoulder bag in pond and I feel the colors are too similar. I love your wristlet choice too....clearly, you have great taste in bags!
  6. I love your new Carly and patent wristlet.
    It seems as though the pink patent wristlet is very popular!
  7. I'm loving the pink wristlet...It's a great color
  8. I love that wristlet!! I'm hot to have one!
  9. I am sorry for your loss!! :sad:

    LOVE your new Carly!! :yes: Congrats on your new babies :yahoo:
  10. I am sorry to hear that your Carly had to go to heaven but I must say I love what you came home with!!
  11. i love that carly!
  12. congrats!!!! Sorry about your other Carly but I hope you love your new one and you post modeling pics soon! :graucho:
  13. how do you like the patent capacity wristlet? i'm considering one for myself....
  14. Love the new carly.
  15. I love BOTH new purchases - the colors are TDF! Congrats!