My Carla Terraine

  1. I feel I did the right thing in getting this bag. I'm very happy to have a big and little style of this bag. The Carla will be great for toting more stuff. As you can see, my Maria is much more distressed. This is not from use, it always had a very variable leather. Goes to show how 2 bags in the same leather can look different. In this style bag I don't mind the distressed at all. It looks so cool.


  2. Whoa, the size & color differernce is amazing!
    My Maria is a lot like yours, looks like it can take daily abuse and still look great. I haven't switched bags since I got her! I'm waiting for an occasion to switch to my black Lena, but I've been "hippie casual" lately.

    Carla is beautiful, and so different! I'd love to see a pic being carried for comparison, just looking at her next to Maria gives a pretty good idea, however!

    Congratulations on your new addition!
  3. hehe aw lexie i LOVE it :smile: and how cute mommy and baby bag :smile:
  4. I love seeing the side by side comparison and the leather difference.

    I love my Maria too and adore how it hangs on my shoulder. Maybe it's time to get her out of the dustbag and tote her around for abit.
  5. I was bidding on a Carla last week, but let her go, as I've fallen in love with the Bulga I think I might have to have this bag still...there are some black ones on Bluefly, looks pretty good, so does the Chestnut, how roomy is it, Lex, similiar to the Lena? (which is a bit small..)
  6. Maggie....this is the "kitchen sink" bag. Bigger than the Lena, especially in height. Has a big depth too. This is definitely a LARGE bag but surprisingly it is pretty lightweight. Not alot of studs and metel. I don't know how to exactly explain it's size....

    I could fit an 8lb infant in there I think...LOL
    Not that I would of course.
    Hmmm...would that be abuse?
    What a nicer environment for a baby than a Kooba....:wtf:

    Ok...who has an 8lb infant they can test the theory with??? LOL
  7. I just recently ordered this bag from bluefly and your pics are making me SO anxious! lol! The leather looks awesome! I hope my carla's leather is similar to yours! :yes:
  8. Lexie I feel so wounded every time I look as that pic of your Maria.
    I let one go on eBay a while back and I often think of it...:crybaby:
  9. Love the new bags! Thanks for the comparrision pics.

    And we even get a little more of a glimpse into Lexieland... you really switched it up by doing the photo opp on the rocking chair!
  10. Next you might get to see my Toilet! :wtf:

    I might be able to get hubby to Model my Carla. He's not home from work yet but I'll tell him the Forum Needs him...LOL
  11. Just think, you can carry your Maria inside of your Carla. *s
  12. lovely bags lexie. i just love seeing big n small versions of similar bags together, it's just so cute haha...
  13. You all had me half tempted to take these pics of my hubby in the bathroom but I contained myself. More side by side an entirely different location....LOL




  14. heeh AWWW what a hubby you have!! :smile: hes so sweet and Now i want a Maria!
  15. Everyone should have a Maria Bessie :yes:

    I was bringing this bag out so I could have Hubby take the pic and he said "You AREN'T selling that one are you?". I said No way. Not many times Hubby takes such a stance.