My Card Case Broke :(

Mar 11, 2006
La Jolla, CA
I got a card case at SCP about four weeks ago and for the most part it's been pretty durable and held up for daily use. I take good care of it and put it in a separate compartment in my backpack...but last week the silver hardware logo fell off! I called the Chanel 800 number since I'm not actually near SCP but I think I have to bring it back to where I bought it to get it fixed. :crybaby: I'm quite disappointed that this happened...

Does anyone know how repairs work? Do I have to pay to get it fixed? If so, how much? How long will it take? Would I actually have to go back to the Chanel boutique pick it up (I live about 80 miles away)? Thanks in advance!


I Love DC
Nov 12, 2006
Northern VA
You can mail it to them and they will mail it back. Make sure you insure it.
It should be fixed for free. They usually do free repairs for 1 year. The bad part is it may take some time. I've waited anywhere from 2-8 weeks to get my item back. It depends on how busy they are and what the repair is.


Jul 3, 2006
Yay you got a new one thats great to ehar that Chanel still ahs a relatively good level of service I'd hate to own something for sucha a short period of time and wait up to 8 weeks for it back again as well as paying the postage costs!
while i love my chanel pst- i must say i have had issues with quality, too. the screw fell off one of the rings on the handles. i took it to the boutique where i bought it and they fixed it with no charge. but that was just a month from when i bought my bag. anyway, my friend had the same experience with her cerf tote. the button broke after a couple of months. not only did they charge her HKD 200 but they replaced the button with a plain one (not the original "c" that it came with). i guess different boutiques have different policies?