My caramel purse

  1. Here are some pics of my 05 caramel purse. I took these really quickly while at work and they are not great pics, they don't do it justice at all. Hopefully I can snap some better pics soon.

    I adore this bag! As much as I'd like to have an ink purse as well, I think I am really content with this one. I gave it a good lotion massage and the leather is just so incredible now. It was good before, but it is amazing now. This bag is just so freakin' yummy!!!!!

  2. Gorgeous! I want one too!!!
  3. I LOVE the Purse style, and that camel leather looks like cashmere :drool:
  4. Gorgeous, LoriB. Were your handles dark from prior use? Do you guys think the one on eBay is a good price?
  5. It's a beautiful color. I love it in the Purse style too. Gorgeous bag!
  6. your purse looks gorgeous, lori!
    i love the backside- it looks really smooth and yummy!
  7. this bag is exactly like new, with no handle darkening or wear whatsoever

    thanks everyone! this one feels so right for me, I think we'll be together forever....:heart:
  8. I am happy for you - such a good feeling!!:love:
  9. [sigh] I am seriously in love with your bag.

    She's beautiful :love::heart::love:
  10. WOW :drool: that is a gorgeous bag. My Mom has a 05 Twiggy enroute and what am I going to do if I love it? :lol: Borrow it. haha
  11. Oh that's just gorgeous.....makes me want one too! Congrats!
  12. Oh whow I want one just as a city!
  13. 0o0o beautiful - i just love the PURSE style! thanks for sharing pics!
  14. WOW . . . BEAUTIFUL :nuts: !!! Congrats Lori ..... :flowers: - this bag looks really great, I love this color :love:
  15. Mmmmm, smooshy! :tender:
    Congrats on the beautiful purse!
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