My car is ruined but I am alive

  1. Earlier today I was involved in a accident. Thankfully I didnt suffer any injuries except a few cuts and scrapes.
    What happened was some moron made a left turn into my lane, I tried to avoid him but couldnt. I ended up hitting his car and then going into the pole.:sad:
    Needless to say my car is ruined, but my parents assured me that material possesions come and go and to not worry about that since I am safe.:crybaby: I dont think im going to be able to drive for a while, since im terribly afraid.
  2. so sorry to hear about what happened.. I am glad that you are safe.. and your parents are absolutely correct.... wishing that things do get better soon and that insurance pays for the damages..
  3. So glad to hear that you're OK. Good thing you were driving in a safe, well made car. I love German cars! I'm sure you were also wearing a seat belt and I see your airbag went off. Thank goodness for modern technology!

    Hope you get some rest this weekend. Take care.
  4. Glad that YOU'RE okay!!! As your parents said...materials are replaceabe... I'm sure you're in shock still and I'll wish you the best! My bf just got hit by someone who ran a redlight 2 days ago...he suffered a broken arm...

    It's not enough if we're cautious drivers...cuz there are many weirdos out there...just gota be EXTRA careful I guess.

    FEEL BETTER!!!! :flowers:
  5. How scary that must have been! I'm glad you're alright. You're parents are exactly right, people are what's important, and you can always get another car. Take care of yourself, and try not to worry too much.:flowers:
  6. Im sorry to hear about this, but im extremely happy that you didnt suffer any major injuries. I recommend you treat your self to a spa day. Take Care.:heart:
  7. Holy crap! Glad you're ok :flowers:
  8. Sorry to hear about your accident. I'm glad you are OK, but take it easy from now on! I was rear-ended 3 years ago and I felt the same way about driving-I couldn't. I also noticed that I was more hurt than I originally thought. It's common for the symptoms to show up a few days or weeks later, so take good care!
  9. Those pictures could be straight out of one of those awful Volkswagen ads...I don't blame you at all for being scared of driving. Be patient with yourself and take your time. I'm glad you're safe.
  10. Im so sorry, but as long as youre safe is all that matters. Although it was a nice car (my dream car, actually), im sure the insurance company will hang that a$$ who hit you out to dry... you have us here for support.
  11. omg!! thank god you are ok, thats definantely the most important thing.. take the deep breaths, warm showers etc. Im so glad you are fine.. its ok about your car, your parents are right! Hope the healing time goes by fast!
  12. So glad you are OK.
  13. Holy crap! I am soo glad you are safe! I know, when I first started driving, I hit someone, but it wasn't nothing bad, just a scratch, but damn, I was terrying of driving!
    Try to be calm ok. I know you will be able to drive again.
  14. So wonderful to hear that you were not hurt...and your parents are correct.....your safe and thats all that matters.....:yes:
  15. So glad you are ok, it's not a problem if money can fix it, but insurance company will take care of it.