my capsule collection of diors & chanels

  1. with the encouragement of my fellow PFer MayDay, i thought i might share my tinny collection of bags - it's mostly diors with a slightest touch of chanel (thanks to the nightshade's great influence. ;))

    i'll start off with the only 3 chanels i have (hopefully it'll be 4 soon, i'd really like to add a classic black flap to the few i have)

    aubergine east/west
    (i'm not too sure of it's exact colour name - the tags didn't say anything, but it's of a similar metallic purple/brown shade to nightshade's aubergine paddy)

    bordeaux reissue 225
    (i thought it was all but sold out, but i guess i lucked out when i found it in the chanel boutique in amsterdam.:wlae:)

    medium ultimate soft
    (much thanks to the fabulous absoluteanne who shared with me her SA's details when i was trying to find this bag. i sought the help of the wonderful DJO too, but eventually a personal shopper i found online helped me locate one)

    and here's all 3 of the bags together
    chanel aubergine eastwest.jpg chanel bordeaux reissue.jpg chanel ultimate soft.jpg chanel family.jpg
  2. now for the diors. ;)

    admit it/addict hobo

    d'trick shoulder bag
    (it was the very first dior i wanted really badly, but it wasn't my first dior though)

    d'trick bracelet

    d'trick bag & bracelet together

    trotter romantique medium flap bag
    dior admit it hobo.jpg dior dtrick.jpg dior dtrick bracelet.jpg dior dtrick duo.jpg dior trotter romantique.jpg
  3. lady dior tote/large east-west

    lady dior long wallet with perforations

    lady dior tote with the wallet

    vintage flowers frame bag


    metallic gold medium gaucho
    (this was my very first dior bag. i waited nearly a year since the gaucho was released before getting one!)
    dior lady dior tote.jpg dior lady dior long wallet.jpg dior lady dior duo.jpg dior vintage flowers frame bag.jpg dior metallic gold gaucho.jpg
  4. last photo, just one of the diors altogether

    dior family.jpg
  5. Hello..Zerodress

    Your Chanel and Dior collections are extremely beautiful.
    I am drooling right now.:drool: Thank you for sharing.
  6. wow! love your chanel collection!! thanks for sharing!
  7. Nice collection
    Show us the new Chanel when you'll get it!
  8. Gorgeous Chanel bags:drool:
  9. You have some beautiful bags. Enjoy them...
  10. Oh, Chanel and Dior.... *drool*
    how lovely.....
  11. Very nice collection-love your diors
  12. Love the Chanels, gaucho, and flowers!
  13. I love the Gold Gaucho. Congrats on a beautiful collection.
  14. Great collection! I looove the diors!
  15. ur pics are nicely taken! makes the purses more gorgeous! u have beautiful dior pieces but what i love most is the red chanel! :drool: