My capsule collection (Chanel, LV and vintage Coach)

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  1. Here is my small yet diverse and very high quality complete handbag collection. I bought all of these except the Kristin from 2014-2015 ... in a year's time. All are preloved except the Kristin, and the cost of the entire collection was $1,600. I found the Chanel for $700 and the LV for $450 on Malleries -- both in pristine condition. In fact, all the preloved were in pristine or nearly new condition when purchased. The Kristin was from eBay NWT. Unless, God forbid, one of them were to rip or something else happen to them, I am done buying bags. I'm quite happy with the manageability, diversity and quality of what I have.

    Front row (L to R): 2012 Coach Kristin, 2005 Chanel hobo with tassel, 2006 LV Josephine PM, (back row) 1993 Coach Madison (Italian line) Copley, 1995 Coach Sonoma (Italian line) satchel and 1986 Coach Madison satchel made in NYC.

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  2. I love it! You really do have a perfect selection of colors! Very nice, well-thought-out collection. :flowers:
  3. Thanks! That was my goal .... manageable size, variety of colors, affordable and very high quality. Seems impossible but it CAN be done.
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  4. Great variety!
  5. Wonderful collection. Thanks for sharing!
  6. The green on that LV is stunning! :girlsigh: